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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

July/August 2016 Empties: Hits & Misses

I haven't forgotten about your requests for me to continue with empties posts! I just didn't have a lot that I finished in July, so I decided to save everything up and combine all of my finished products into a July/August Empties post. So let's get started!

Tone Blissful Awakening Caffeine & Vanilla Bliss Body Wash - $2.92 at Walmart, 18 oz. 
(Also, this often goes on sale for BOGOFREE in-store at Walgreens.)

You know I fell in love with this body wash back when I reviewed it for you in May, and my love is still just as strong today! As I mentioned in my original review, this body wash smells like Christmastime at Starbucks to me (fresh-brewed coffee, vanilla lattes and gingerbread lattes). I've also noticed that, over time, this body wash is a lot more moisturizing and kind to my skin than I indicated in my initial review. My skin just feels softer when I use this body wash, which is a total plus. Will definitely repurchase.

PS: if you love the Dove Body Wash in Pistachio Cream with Magnolia, YOU NEED TO TRY TONE BLISSFUL AWAKENINGS. Reader Cassie Quint commented here on the blog and said she thought the Tone body wash reminded her of the Dove body wash, and after she mentioned that I completely picked up on what she was talking about. They're not identical, but I think that if you love the Dove body wash, you will definitely love this one, too. It has that same sweet/nutty note to it. Great call, Cassie!

Cremo Cream - around $7 at Amazon, 6 oz.
(Also available in-store and online at Target.)

Another month, another tube of Cremo Cream! This is a repurchase for me and I will continue to repurchase. As I've mentioned many times before, I LOVE this stuff for my legs, underarms, everywhere! I've tried a zillion shaving creams and foams and this stuff just gives me the closest, smoothest shave and it is SO nice to my skin. I'm never left feeling dry or irritated when I use this product. Will definitely repurchase again and again. It's amazing and I have my entire family hooked on it.

Nivea Men's Sensitive Post Shave Balm - $6.49 at Ulta, 3.3 oz.
(Also available at just about every drugstore, supermarket and big box retailer.)

Speaking of shaving products, I reviewed this back in January for use as makeup primer (you can see my review here) and if you read that review, you know that it did not work for me. I know it works as face primer for MANY of you, but it just didn't work for me and my oily skin. But never one to let a product go to waste, I continued to use this on my legs and bikini area after shaving and it works pretty well for keeping ingrowns at bay. I won't repurchase though, because I just have other things I'd rather use after shaving.

Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash - $4.74 at Walmart, 5 oz
(Also available at just about every drugstore, supermarket and big box retailer.)

This is the only product in this blog post that I did not purchase with my own money. I received this product for review a while back and sadly, I didn't get around to reviewing it. But I wanted to mention it here since I finally finished it (I have a ton of facial cleansers so it takes me a while to finish anything). This cleanser is fragrance-free and it has a thick and creamy, almost gel-like consistency. It takes a little effort to work up a lather, but if you keep mixing it in your wet hands it will definitely lather. I really enjoyed this cleanser because it was gentle on my skin (no breakouts or irritation) yet it managed to cleanse my skin very well and it removed all of my makeup without drying my skin. I think it's a solid choice if you're in the market for a new fragrance-free cleanser. I can certainly see myself purchasing in the future when I'm running low on cleansers and need something reliable from the drugstore.

Glossier Priming Moisturizer - $25, 1.7 oz.
(Glossier is offering free shipping on all orders today only, 8/30, no code required)

I reviewed this moisturizer back in January (you can see my review here) and this is actually my second tube that I've purchased. I really like this stuff because it doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles when it comes to skincare (no SPF, retinol, Vitamin C, etc.) but it does contain Hyaluronic Acid, Shea Butter, and some other nice ingredients. Because it's a fairly simple formulation, I find that it plays quite nicely with any serums and sunscreens I use underneath it. It leaves my skin feeling very soft without adding any heavy oiliness or grease to my skin. I also sometimes use it at night when I'm using heavy-duty serums and again, I really like it because it plays nicely with my other skincare products. I will repurchase.

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Powder Foundation + Concealer - $27, 0.35 oz.
(The above link is to Ulta but it's also available at Nordstrom and Macy's with free shipping)

I FINALLY finished it! If you're a regular reader of my blog, then you might recall that I bought this a loooong time ago when Clinique was having one of their spend-$30-get-a-zillion-deluxe-samples deals, and every now and again I mention that I still haven't hit pan on it despite the fact that I have been using it pretty consistently. In other words, this lasted me A LONG TIME and now I can finally give you my verdict.

I love this stuff, but I can only use it in very specific ways. When I first bought it, I was wearing it as foundation and applying with the sponge applicator that comes in the compact. Well that was a big mistake because it caked up badly on my skin, and it settled into all of my pores and fine lines and it actually made my oily skin look dry. Over the months that I've owed this product, I have experimented in a variety of ways and now I only use it as a setting powder, applied with a fluffy blush or my beautyblender. I particularly like using it as a setting powder over sheer foundations and BB/CC creams because it has fantastic coverage. Also, when it sets, it doesn't move. I mean, even in hot weather, this stuff is pretty amazing. But I do not wear it under my eyes, because I find that it has a tendency to make my under-eye area look cakey, especially when it interacts with my concealers. But for the rest of my face, I love this stuff as setting powder and highly recommend if you're looking for a powder with great coverage and staying power. I will certainly repurchase the next time there's a nice Clinique deal going on, because you certainly get your money's worth this product. It lasts forever!

Old Spice Fresher Collection Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant in Amber - $3.79 at Walmart, 2.6 oz.
(Also available at just about every drugstore, supermarket and big box retailer.)

You know I love using men's deodorants, especially in the summertime when I need that extra boost of protection. In my April Empties post, I included the scent Timber (love the mint note in that one) and I also really love Amber. I basically alternate between Timber, Amber, and Citron and you can find at least one of those in my bathroom at any given time. What I particularly love about Amber is that the amber note is so rich and warm, and there's a sweetness to it as well. It actually is the perfect deodorant for fall, which means I better get myself another stick (soon). Will repurchase again and again.

That's it for my July/August empties! If you have used any of the products featured in this post, you know I would love to hear from you. How did they work for YOU?


  1. I also bought the Nivea shave balm as a primer with high hopes but it didn't work for me so I passed it along to my boyfriend. It did smell amazing though!

    1. Aaah, we're in the 1% club! I swear that it works for like 99% of the people who try it. Glad I'm not alone though, girl! Lol. 😉

    2. I didn't see the hype either. To me it didn't perform any differently than my regular face moisturizer but with no spf. It didn't make my makeup stay on longer or mattify me

  2. As always love reading your empties posts G! You mentioned that you have other things that you'd rather use after shaving, what are some of those after shave type products that you reccomend?

  3. I love the amber one but I got it in the blue gel stick and sadly I'm almost out of it and ther are no more blue ones!!!!! I just can get myself to get the regular ones cuz I know no matter how hard I try the white cast with get all over my clothes but I love the scent!

  4. I use Bearglove and Amber Old Spice deodorants, too. They keep me dry and smelling good even though there's no antiperspirant in it. And it's healthy. Unfortunately this brand is not cruelty free so I won't be repurchasing. Have been experimenting with a few natural deodorants... Cheers!

  5. My son loves the deo also and body wash. He likes the one with wolf not sure which one it is. But agrees with not liking the white kind likes the sheeter one. I may have to try the Amber one. I love that smell and sandlewoods. I'm j treated to know what other products u use after shaving also? I haven't tried the Nivea because I'm oily too and not willing to waste the money. I got my 16 yr old the Harrys Shave box from Target and he likes it. Hasn't used it yet not a lot of shaving yet. Lol. But if he lets it go he does need to. He watches a guy on You Tube Roman Atwood? I think that's his last name and they have a code with his name for 3$ box and we got four free razors with the Target one. So why not! I love Target boxes not going any higher in price for the monthly though. They r pushing it a little. I love to org with those boxes like nail polishes in colors on a shelf and under batch room cabinets etc. and I have found some good products and I use almost everything or will. Never get to use the coupon. No store in my town or area for a good drive and don't go near one. But I do like to order online when feasible for me. Love this post and want to try many of what u mentioned. Curious that the Glossier moist worked for ur oily skin ok u said. I'm so scared half the time of that word and know I shouldn't be. Have plenty of face cleansers. Really been liking the new Garnier Clean plus Skinactive Pore Purifying 2-1Clay mask cleanser/mask and the same line Blackhead eliminating scrub. A lot. Ready to repurchase the last one mentioned. Thanks for all u do.

  6. The link for the ulta 21 days of beauty is now live! it even shows was the platinum perks will be including the becca blush and Lorac contour palettes on sale on a certain day!

    1. Thanks! I think I was working on my post as your comment came through! I just did a huge post with tips, etc. here:

    2. I got the Tone bodywash, since seeing it here and it's a huge hit at our house. My boyfriend loves it and his skincare products! He comes out of the shower smelling great.

    3. This bodywash is a big hit at our house. Great suggestion! Keep them coming!

  7. The Glossier moisturizer sounds nice, but wow that price! I've been using Seaweed Bath Co's new body cream (unscented) on my face. I have skin that is oily around my nose and chin, but dry on my cheeks and forehead, so I like to really slather on cream where it's dry, and I don't like doing that when it's $20 an ounce. I use serums underneath at night, it's been working really well with them, and under my sunscreen during the day. It does have a natural scent from the shea and cocoa butters, which doesn't bother me. It's not irritating at all, I find it really soothes where it's really dry, which can sometimes become quite itchy. It's my new HG face cream, I got it from iherb at $12 for 6oz. (they also offer a $2.80/1.5 oz trial size when you place an order)

  8. I have repurchased the Cremo Cream recently and found out about it from you! It's so easy and non-drying. I love how it doesn't clog my razor, too.

  9. I just ordered the primer moisturizer! I have oily/combo skin so fingers crossed* that this will work out. Thanks!!!

  10. These posts are so interesting! I would like to try that shave cream and the body wash after I use the other 14 bottles I have under my cabinet (lol). How cool to use men's deodorant...I never thought to try that but I may have to check out some scents next time I need to buy some.

  11. I do love to read your empties. I keep meaning to try the anti-persirant, so since my husband loves that line, I may use his once or twice to see how it goes!!!!

  12. What was the shade name you used for the clinique foundation?

  13. What do you use on your underarms after you shave to prevent ingrown hairs and razor burn? I used to be able to just use soap and water to shave there, then Dove deodorant after, but my skin is getting more sensitive, I guess.

  14. That's interesting to read about the Clinique foundation! I was in Sephora last week looking to get a sample of it (I'm super oily) and the sales person told me it's geared more towards normal/dry skin!? Instead, I tried the Stila Stay All Day.. it's in this interesting pump container nowadays. Not bad, either. Reminds me of Urban Decay Naked Skin but with more coverage, longer lasting but not as drying/patchy as the new All Nighter foundation!


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