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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Interactive Sightings Map: Wet n Wild Fall 2014 Limited Edition Collections

original image credits:  Lisa and @roguedarkholme for Nouveau Cheap
NOTE: You can access this map at any time by clicking the "Interactive Sighting Maps" graphic on the top graphic bar of this blog.

Due to several reader requests, below you will find an interactive sightings map to help us track sightings of the Wet n Wild Fall 2014 Collections. I create these maps in order to help all of us find these collections locally, so I thank you in advance for sharing your sightings with the community and for reading all of the instructions before you leave a marker on the map.

  • CLICK HERE for my swatches/review of the Fall 2014 Matte Lipsticks and Nail Colors.
  • CLICK HERE for my swatches/review of the Fall 2014 Coloricon 5-Pans (includes a comparison to to Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette)

PLEASE READ: The listings on the right side of the map below will make it easier to find locations in your area, but ONLY if everyone fills out the form properly (store name, city and date). If you just write "Walgreens" or "CVS" then that will be the only thing that appears on the list. PLEASE do not ignore the directions below. This map was created to help everyone, but it's only as useful as we make it. Thank you so much for your help and cooperation!

*Click on a listing (see list on right side of map)
and the map will zoom in on that marker.

*To collapse the list, click the little arrow icon on the far right
(you can click it again to bring the list back).


Click the "+" in the upper right corner of the map (if you are on a mobile device, click the black menu icon and then click "add") and fill out the boxes in the form as follows:
Box 1 ("Store, City, Date"): Enter in the following order: Store, City, Date of Sighting. EXAMPLE: "Walgreens, San Diego CA, 9/12/14"
Box 2 ("Location"): Enter the street address of the store. EXAMPLE: "1243 Green Valley Road, San Diego, CA 90000".  After you enter the exact street address, the marker will automatically appear on the map when you click "submit". 
Box 3 ("Description"): This is where you can leave helpful tips. EXAMPLE: "I only found the polishes at this location, and they were located right next to the beauty counter. Only three shades were left in the display when I got there."

If your marker does not appear after you refresh the page, please do not add another marker. It might take up to 24 hours for me to approve markers on this map.

NOTE: If this map does not load for you, try viewing it in another browser or click here for a direct link to the map (you cannot add markers via that direct link; you must add markers by accessing the map via this blog post).

Thanks so much to everyone who has ever left a marker on these sightings maps, and thank you in advance to everyone who leaves one on this map. You are helping SO many of us by doing so!

DISCLAIMER: Nouveau Cheap is not responsible for incorrect information represented on this map. Before driving to a location referred to on this map, it's always a good idea to call the store ahead of time, just to be sure they still have product left.


  1. Map is not accepting my marker. I saw a full or mostly full nail polish display and a shadow palette display that was full until I bought two in the Walgreens at 320 Park Ave, Worcester MA 01610 on 8/30/14. Did not see the lip colors but they might have come in later since the displays I did see were basically untouched. Have not checked any other Walgreens in the city since I already have the items I want, nor have I been in Shaw's grocery on W Boylston since around the same date (and I didn't see it there then, but they do sometimes get the WnW LE displays there).

    1. Hi Dragonfly! Your marker WAS accepted but as I mentioned above, it can take up to 24 hours for me to approve markers, so that's why you didn't see it. I'm trying my best to approve them as soon as I can, but it may take a little while. :)

      I wish I didn't have to set the markers for approval in the first place, but I have received some really bizarre markers and comments on previous maps so I have to moderate them. :(

      Thanks SO much for taking the time to leave such a detailed marker on this map. I really appreciate it!!

    2. Actually, I knew about things needed to be approved; the reason I posted was because I kept getting an error message every time I tried to submit the marker. Gotta love it when technology tells you something didn't go through and then puts it through anyway. -.- Thanks for the help! I like detailed markers myself, so I try to make sure to leave plenty of info in case anybody else is trying to navigate the mess of drugstores in my city!

    3. This happened to me too and I probably hit submit way too much. Sorry for the potential duplicate posts.

  2. Hi, I can't add my marker because I'm in my phone but I've spotted them in New York. Two different Walgreens behind the permanent line.

    1. On mobile, you just click the little black menu bar icon on the map and select "add". The form will pop right up. Thanks, Fatima! :)

  3. I have only seen the nail polishes from the collection in my area and have yet to see the lipsticks

    1. Could you leave a marker on the map for the polishes? That would be great! Thanks so much. :)

  4. Same here. I'm on my phone but don't see where to leave a marker. I've seen this collection at Walgreen's and Kmart, in Enid, Oklahoma. I'm always trolling!

    1. On mobile, you just click the little black menu icon on the map, and then select "add". The form will pop right up. Thanks, Jamie!

  5. Is there a way to edit after it is approved? I need to add that I found the eyeshadow palattes at the same store as the polishes and lipsticks.

    1. Same here. I forgot to add the date to mine, it was last Friday I saw the nail colors and lipsticks display with an empty e/s display next to it.

  6. I tried doing it on my phone -- not sure if it took or not.

    So, if you don't see an entry for a Rite Aid in Waterford, MI -- let me know and I'll try and redo it on my computer.

  7. Yeah, you can decline my submission if it shows up -- I just realized it was the Summer collection at my store.

    I tell ya -- my area is almost a whole season behind as this setup wasn't even in the store last week.

    **le sigh**

  8. I hate that there is a display with polishes only and another with the polishes AND lipsticks! What the heck, WNW! As if it's not already hard enough to track down. :/

  9. Earlier this summer, some Walgreen's had a card board display rack with some of their permanent collection lipsticks and eye shadows as well as some items from the Fergie collection. Just by chance I happened to look in there and found some of the lipsticks.
    ( Yes, I looked through every single one of those lipsticks!). I don't know if the limited edition lipsticks were always in there or if the stores put them in there because there was no space for them on the shelves. You might also try their Think Pink breast cancer lipstick display. I haven't seen the display with both the nail polishes and lipsticks combined in my area so perhaps people should try looking at other displays containing wet and wild products. (G, I'll put my marker in later today.)

  10. is the one listed as Meadow Brook Road in Virginia supposed to be Brook Road?

  11. In the future it might be cool to make a system where the different marker colors represent different things, like green = wide variety of items (in this case, all 3 types of products), yellow means limited but some selection, and red means none of the collection/no display. It would be useful to know which locations *don't* have the products as well when other people have already checked them recently, IMO.

    Thanks for doing these, they're really useful and it's a great idea. :D

  12. Also FYI pin #36 in Mountain View has been misplaced; there is no Walgreens there. It is down the street, and I made a pin for it (with actual information) just now.

  13. Unfortunately these arrived in the Pearland, Houston TX area last month and were picked clean already but I did see a few left in some Walgreens if anyone is interested.
    Along Broadway st. which is the Rd 518 off the 288.

  14. Hot dang! None near Atlanta yet. I'm going to move so that i can get makeup earlier! LOL. I may give in and just order on line. It will cost a bit more but I'm so impatient!!

  15. My marker isn't showing up yet, so I want to let people in Washington state know that I found the fall and Halloween collections in one big display at the Richland Walgreens at 1601 George Washington Way.

  16. Will the limited edition lipsticks come back anytime soon?


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