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Friday, June 7, 2013

Quick Look: Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquers (all fourteen shades)

One of the most exciting things to happen so far this summer is the arrival of the Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquers (known as Apocalips in the UK). These were such a hit in the UK last year and so many of us were hoping Rimmel would bring them to the US. And the best part? We get fourteen shades, whereas the UK only has eight!

Well now that they're here (I got mine at Walgreens in a display like this), I wanted to show you some pics of all fourteen shades and break them down into the shimmers and the cremes. I'm still working on my full review with swatches (it takes a lot of time to test/review fourteen lip colors in a row!) but if you're going to go out looking for these this weekend, I thought you might want a better idea of what the colors look like...

NOTE: Shades in red are also available in the UK. Shades in blue are US-exclusives.

 The Shimmers

From left to right:

Stargazer (sparkly golden-beige-champagne)
Light Year (a little bit more brown in person with less of a pink undertone; very subtle shimmer)
Solstice (light pinkish-mauve with very subtle shimmer)
Galaxy (cool mauve with shimmer)
Out of This World (cool pink with lots of shimmer)

 The Cremes

From left to right: 

Nude Eclipse (light nude creme with warm undertones)
Luna  (true peach creme)
Comet (pinky-brown creme)
Celestial (pinky-mauve creme)
Nova (blue-based pink creme)
Apocaliptic (bright fuchsia creme)
Stellar (Maraschino-cherry-red creme)
Aurora (warm coral-red creme)
Big Bang (bright tomato red creme)

And one other quick thing in case you find these this weekend:

If you come across any tubes that have broken safety seals (they're just little stickers like this), here's a way to probably tell if the wand has been removed from the tube (and possibly tested). If you unscrew the lid but do NOT pull the wand out of the tube, you'll see that the area right near the opening is TRANSPARENT.  But once you pull the wand even partially out of the tube, it sort of acts like a plunger and the product fills that little translucent chamber. I've opened all fourteen of these tubes and I'm telling you, I couldn't find a way to remove the wand without having that little chamber fill up with product. So if it's clear, the wand probably hasn't been removed from the tube (but don't quote me on that--I'm just basing this on the fact that I could not physically remove the wand from the tube without having that chamber fill up with product).

My full review, with swatches of all fourteen shades, is coming soon! In the meantime, do you already own any Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquers? If so, I'd love to know which shades you own and how you like them so far!


  1. I am so looking forward for a massive Rimmel Haul once my Rite Aid restocks.

  2. I bought five of these yesterday and I love them! I'm so glad they finally made it here to the US!

  3. I got 11 of the colors. I won't wear Big Bang or the two with lots of shimmer. Only wish they had a true coral

  4. I purchased Aurora and I wore it last weekend,I absolutely love love love this product! I got so many compliments on my lip color and it really lasted a long time on me.I did not find it drying in the least bit and I like the scent,sowill definitely be buying a lot more of these :)

  5. Literally just got home from Walgreens before reading this. I spotted them in my local Walgreens! Can't wait to try them after your review!

  6. I got one of them today, and I LOVED it. The lipstick really pops but it feels almost like there's nothing on my lips, which is great because I chew lipstick off when I feel it. (I'm weird, I know.) Also, thanks for listing which are shimmer and which are creme.

  7. SO many nice shades! I'm excited for your review. I really want to get a couple of these lippies, at least. :)

  8. your new pics are kind of awesome, G! <3

  9. Must try these out! I am looking forward to wearing them!!

  10. I got four of them. Galaxy, Nova, Celestial, and Nude Eclipse. I've tested all three and they're all completely gorgeous. My Walgreen's has obviously had the display up for a while because quite a few shades were sold out. I was really having a hard time deciding between Comet and Nude Eclipse, but I decided that the milky nude would have a harder time impressing me. Turns out, even on very fair skin Nude Eclipse only needs a slight blot to not look weird/concealer-y. I am going to have to haul more of the reds and pinks when they get restocked because they're all perfect so far. My expectations have been exceeded. I am quite impressed with this product, and I am very rarely this excited about something new from the drug store.

  11. I posted swatches of the four I got on my Instagram (@silverlocusts) if anyone wants to see.

  12. I found the same thing re: transparent top versus product flooding that area when opened for the first time. Nice trick! I've only worn it once so far, but I haven't made up my mind on it yet.

  13. I've been checking out my local Walgreens stores for the new Fergie nail polishes. I've only found the Fergies at one store, but all of them have had the Apocolips/Show Off displays.

  14. I love these! Picked up 6 shades and went back for 4 more a couple of days later. They wear so nicely and they aren't drying at all. I was surprised how long-lasting the stain is...great drugstore price and product.

  15. These are great! In South Africa they are called Apocalips. How did you find the quality of the lip colour? I have heard some say that the staying quality is not that great? The colours are fantastic and at such a great price, I would definitely give them a chance.

  16. I bought Apocaliptic yesterday and I love it! It is so far out of my comfort zone because it is so bright but I got tons of compliments! I love that they are so light weight! I plan on getting one more maybe a little more muted color!

  17. I need to try at least one, after such stellar comments! I'm having trouble deciding which color(s), so I definitely can't wait to see swatches.

  18. I recently bought NOVA and it is soo awesome! These are permanent right? Because I really want more!

  19. are these available in Canada now?

  20. I picked up Solstice and Light year from My Walgreens in Philly, they are perfect neutral colors for my cocoa skin. They're definitely lipstick like, but I wish it had more glossy shine to them.

  21. These lipglosses really suck, thanks to the wand. I bought one from when they were still only available in the UK, and I honestly think that if the applicator wand weren't so horrid, that these glosses would be okay.

  22. I wore Big Bang to a wedding this weekend and it was ~A-MAZ(E)-ING~
    I also have Comet... Its Pretty but darker on my lips than in the tube.

  23. i finally found these yesterday at Walgreens (stuck on a dimely lit shelf) I purchased Big bang, Luna and Apocaliptic just to test the waters, They are super light weight not sticky at all and feel good on the lips,slight cherry smell, no flavor, I only noticed minimal bleeding as I did not use a lip liner,not drying at all. I love how intense the color is and I am not really a lip gloss kinda girl anymore so I love that its not Super shiney. Only cons I can say about this is that the color transfers to cups, kids forheads and husbands which isnt really a problem I guess....if you just like leaving your mark *wink

  24. I got Luna in my Jolly Influenster VoxBox! Very pretty color and one I don't have in my lippie collection ::gasp::


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