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Friday, January 4, 2013

New hair color and skincare from L'Oreal

Two very interesting product launches from L'Oreal to share with you today:
This month, L’OrĂ©al Paris rolls out a skin care collection for women 50-plus as well as “automatic” hair-color mousse collection. The new Age Perfect Renaissance Cellulaire range targets people whose epidermal cell renewal rate is slowing down dramatically, according to the company. Ingredients include Natecium DHC, extracted from bitter orange peel. Another ingredient included is vitalline, culled from seeds and pods used in traditional Indian medicine, which can increase intercellular communication between the dermis and epidermis.

image source:
L'Oreal Age Perfect Renaissance Cellulaire
The line includes a day cream with an SPF 15 and a night cream, each of which comes in a 50-ml. jar that will sell for 18.50 euros, or $24.25 at current exchange. A 30-ml. serum, which contains gold micro-reflectors billed to fight dull-looking skin, is to retail for 18.90 euros, or $24.75. Prices are for France.
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L'Oreal Preference Mousse Absolue
In hair care, new Mousse Absolue, an aerosol, is said to make hair coloring easy, as the hair color is created just as the formula exits the actuator, in a perfect dosage. If product remains in the bottle after a coloring, it may be used at a later point, for another application or root touch-up, depending on the length of one’s hair.

One of you mentioned a few weeks ago that Julianne Moore was going to be the spokesperson for the new Age Perfect Renaissance Cellulaire Collection (love her), and I'm happy to see that L'Oreal is coming out with more products for mature skin.

As for this new hair color product, I'm intrigued! I love the idea of not having to mix up color and developer, and I REALLY love the idea of being able to keep the same bottle for a later application. Thoughts?


  1. I think the haircolor looks incredible!

  2. Can be saved for root touch ups? Oh my! Now we just need to figure out how it covers greys!

  3. I have short hair, so I am excited that the excess can be used later!!

  4. From a chemical standpoint, I feel that the product would degrade and breakdown if the developer and color were premixed. I'm not sold on this concept.

    1. I think maybe you missed the part (see post above) about how they're NOT combined until the moment they come out of the nozzle. That's how you're able to store it and save it for later, I'm assuming!

  5. hoooly cow this sounds really innovative and exciting! i agree with mooosley, having short makes me feel wasteful if i don't use all of the solution, so i end up overdoing it sometimes.

  6. Ooh, I want to try the Mousse Absolue. I always feel like there's too much dye and I'd love to be able to save it for root touchups!

  7. The Age Perfect Skin items are available at Probably a few dollars cheaper there, too.

  8. Now that IS cool that I will only use just what I need and the rest is saved!!

  9. The hair color sounds amazing! I always hate throwin out the excess color. I feel like I'm throwing out my money!


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