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Friday, January 18, 2013

New beauty box subscription service: We Are Onyx

This press release just hit my in-box and I wanted to share it ASAP. I don't currently know anything more about this service than what's on the site, but take a peek:

We Are Onyx is dedicated exclusively to black women and black beauty products. Subscribers to the site pay a monthly fee of $20 and create their personalized beauty profile. Using information from their profile, Onyx sends subscribers monthly beauty products. They can then access an array of video tutorials that explain how to use these products.

According to the brands listed on the site as of the time of this post, it looks like the monthly boxes focus more on haircare and body care at this time. 

Also, according to the website, the monthly fee is $20 with free shipping, no hidden fees, and you can cancel at any time.

What do you think about this new beauty box subscription service? Do you think this might be a good fit for you? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. It makes me so happy to know there are various boxes for anyone to try :D They are fun and filled w/goodies! =D

  2. 20 a month is a little steep! i'd have to see reviews of the service before I indulge.

  3. I agree with Lauren, but thanks so much for posting this! Hopefully it will be filled with goodies tailored to our specific skin and haircare concerns!! :D

  4. I agree with Lauren as well. I wish it was $10 like Ipsy and Birchbox. I don't know about this one.

  5. Agreed. There would have to be some pretty serious goods in the box to justify $20

  6. Thanks for sharing!! I already subscribe to ispy but wouldn't mind another subscription service but $20 is a little step.

  7. 20 bucks is absurd!! the only other woman of color beauty box is called "my pillow box" and I cancelled that one after one month. It sucked!! I reviewed in on my blog and the company contacted me about my review but the reviews continue to be poor. Maybe onyx will get it right, but for $20!!?!!!

  8. $20 is ridiculous unless it's an amazing box. For that price it should include plenty of full-sized items and not just a bunch of sample packets.

  9. $20 is ridiculous unless it's an amazing box. For that price it should include plenty of full-sized items and not just a bunch of sample packets.

  10. I'm excited there is a box like this for us but to come out the gate asking $20 is a little steap. I tried Glossybox for $20 and was dissappointed. Ipsy and Birchbox are my favorite ones and they're just $10. I have a curlbox so don't need another haircare box.

  11. It depends I have a 20 dollar subscription to Curlkit along with ipsy. The Curlkit is a box dedicated to naturally curly/kinky hair women of color and I love the boxes I get and think they are worth paying 20 dollars for. There is also Curlbox I have never tried that box but people love it too. As long as they are sending full size products with some samples I don't see the problem. The other box or the pillow box is actually the my shade brown box and no its not a great box but maybe this one will be who knows. I would have to wait and see reviews for it first.

  12. I subscribe to My Shade of Brown and I think for the price that they charge, its a good box. If you want more high end luxury products then you will have to pay more.
    Its not perfect, but its pretty damn good.


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