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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Not discontinued...

Wet n Wild Color icon Eyeshadow Singles in Brulee and Nutty at CVS

Over the past several months, I've had several readers ask me if Brulee and/or Nutty have been discontinued. My response is "No!" but I've noticed that certain retail locations no longer carry these two shades. The photo above was taken at CVS a few days ago; if you live in an area where CVS carries Wet n Wild (some do, while other CVS locations carry NYC), then you're in luck. I've noticed that the Rite Aids in my area do NOT carry Brulee and Nutty though, which is a bummer since those are staple shades for many of us.

I don't know about Walgreens, Target, Kmart and Walmart, so I'd love it if you could leave a comment on this post and tell us whether you've spotted either shade at any of those retailers recently.



  1. I bought both of these at Meijer a couple weeks ago--but that's a regional store in the midwest.

  2. Recently saw them at both Walgreens and Walmart!

  3. At one Walgreens Brulee was marked down with a "Last chance" sticker. At another Walgreens they don't even carry the singles. I should have grabbed it when I saw it.

  4. Nutty and Penny are completely gone from my area. Only Walgreens sold those singles and they did away with them for the new single shades, which, in my opinion, only the matte black 'Panther' should have been put up with the other permanent shades and keep Nutty and Penny in-store. I did get backups for each since there was a scare awhile ago for those colors becoming discontinued.

    I'd say to WnW to include Nutty and Penny in a trio or 8-pan, but it would no doubt be LE and never come here lol

    If WnW is somehow reading this, BRING BACK THE VANITY PALETTE. I'm fine with a couple of pop of color shades thrown in to round out an 8-pan's worth!

  5. I've seen Nutty, but not Brulee.. anywhere. I ordered a backup of it when had their 40% off sale. I would love to see the Vanity palette come back because I never got one.

  6. My Walmart has both those shades but you must remember my WM is like 6+ months behind everyone else so I would take this with a grain of salt.

  7. I saw Brulee at my Kmart. Can't remember if nutty was there.

  8. Walmart has them but they are actually in a cardboard package so when I didn't see them in singles I freaked out, but I'm ok now ^_~

  9. noooooo brûlée is a holy grail and my everyday shadow. why does everything i like have to be discontinued

    1. ???? Maybe you missed the title of this blog post.

  10. These two shades are great cheap staples that are fantastic quality :)

  11. I cant find wnw singles at any of my usual spots.

  12. I'm so glad I saw this post before I worried these were discontinued! I use Brulee frequently and I haven't picked up Nutty yet, but I keep telling myself I ought to... I would have been so upset if I thought I had missed my chance!

  13. We've still got them! Brulee especially is important, it is often my base shade!

  14. I ran to KMart this past weekend and saw these shadow singles there - even grabbed Brulee and left with it in my bag of goodies!!

  15. I think people thought they were discontinued because for example the other day I stopped by walgreens and brulee was on clearance I was shocked and scared but now that I see this post Im relived , thanks G!


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