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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Review: eos Limited Edition Alice in Wonderland Lip Balm Set

Over the past few years (actually since my review from 2009 and my review from 2010), I've seen a lot of mixed emotions about eos lip balms. As with most lip balms, many of you love them and say they work well for you, while many of you don't care for them and say that they're not hydrating enough. But regardless of whether or not these lip balms work for you, I think the one thing we can all agree on is that this Alice in Wonderland set is just too cute (actually, I know this to be true based on all of the comments I received on my sneak-peek post!).

I finally found these sets at my local Target (they were on an end-cap display located at the outer edge of the beauty department). I couldn't resist picking one up, so let's take a closer look, shall we?

 eos Limited Edition Alice in Wonderland Lip Balm Set
(retail: $7.99 at Target, 0.25 oz per lip balm. Total net weight: 0.75 oz)

The first thing I said to myself I saw the shape of the package was:

"Ooooh, it looks like a diorama!"

Well, little did I know...

...that when you remove the lip balms from the package, it IS a diorama!

How cute is that?

And look at the little Alice print:

Ingredients, expiration date, etc.

Back of package:

And one more shot of the diorama, just because:

Now let's take a look at the actual lip balms:

Blueberry Potion, Watermelon Wonderland, Sweet Vanilla Nonsense

As you can see, instead of the usual little indentation on the side of the balm, these have a Micky Mouse design (obviously a reference to the Disney - Alice in Wonderland franchise).

Since I've already reviewed eos lip balms at length (see links to my previous reviews at the top of this post), today I'm just reviewing the actual flavors in this set:

Blueberry Potion - My favorite of the three. As others have said, this one seems the most true to its name and the most unique. You can definitely smell the sweet tartness of blueberry, and the flavor is blueberry-esque as well. It's not sugary-sweet, but more of a soft blueberry flavor.

Watermelon Wonderland - My second favorite of the three. Some of you have compared this one to the permanent eos flavor Summer Fruit, but I don't get Summer Fruit when I wear this one. To me, it's straight up watermelon bubblegum (in both scent and flavor). It's sweet and very fun; I can imagine this being the favorite of many little girls (and big girls too).

Sweet Vanilla Nonsense - My least favorite of the bunch. Sadly, there's an underlying "plastic" note to this lip balm that is present in both the fragrance and flavor. It's actually pretty strong and dominates the soft vanilla note. In fact, this one's almost all "plastic" to me and it actually reminds me of  the smell of a brand new Barbie Doll. If you were to tell people you had  "Barbie Doll" flavored lip balm, and then let them sniff this, I think people would be amused by the uncanny similarity. Ha!

FINAL VERDICT: If you're an Alice in Wonderland fan or collector, this set is probably going to be a no-brainer for you. You need it. And if you collect lip balm, then you probably will also want to add this set to your collection. However, for the everyday user who isn't an Alice in Wonderland fan and just wants some fun, yummy new lip balms, I'd say this is probably worth the purchase. I think you'll like the blueberry or watermelon scents (or both) but I'm just not sure if the vanilla will appeal to the vanilla fans out there. I'm a hardcore vanilla fan and this one's not cutting it for me. So I guess it really depends on how much you love Alice in Wonderland, and if you already love eos lip balms. If your answer is "very much" to both questions, then run out and grab this one ASAP since it's limited edition and won't be around forever. I don't regret my purchase, but I'm sad that the vanilla lip balm let me down because I was really looking forward to that one. By the way, eos also makes a Vanilla Bean stick lip balm, but I have yet to try it. If you own this set and the Vanilla Bean stick, I'd love to hear how you think the two vanillas compare.

The eos Limited Edition Alice in Wonderland Lip Balm Set available in Target stores now. It will be available at Walgreens and Ulta stores starting in November 2012. And it will also available at, and starting November 2012. Click here for more product info.

Do you already own this set? If so, how do you like it? If not, is it a must-have or a skip?


  1. Oh, I'm so sad! I love love love vanilla and I was hoping to hear that this one was good. :( Do need more vanilla lip balms!

  2. I just got this yesterday! I Love the watermelon and blueberry scents. I just don't think the vanilla one had much to it. I don't think eos balms are the most hydrating, but they do the trick. That and they're smell good and are super cute!

  3. I might have to pick this up...these look TOOO cute to pass up!

  4. Okay that little cutout frame thingy is pretty dang adorable. Too bad I'm not a big fan of the EOS balms. :-/ not enough moisture for my dry dry lips.

  5. For me, EOS Balms don't do much for my lips but the blueberry and watermelon flavors sound yummy.

  6. I'm purchasing these purely for the AiW factor. I don't like the regular EOS balms, but find the lemon drop one works AWESOME! I've been through 3 of those puppies and I'm on the hunt at my local Target for that (and AiW ones) again!

  7. The vanilla one in stick form doesn't smell plastic to me at all. Also the consistency is closer to the lemon drop version so it's a lot slicker and wears off faster. But the smell to me is like straight up vanilla bean. Very much like Trader Joe's vanilla bean paste.

  8. The watermelon one smells awful to me! Which really saddened me. I'm hoping it smells differently when I put it on. But the blueberry and vanilla are AMAZING. I'm obsessed with EOS balms, I have every single one of the sphere flavors.

  9. I reviewed these on my blog yesterday, and thought basically all the same things you did, except swap Watermelon and Vanilla! I like the vanilla, and even though I just had to re-smell, I don't smell barbie ;) The watermelon is sickening to me though :(

  10. I'm not a big EOS fan myself but must admit the packaging is adorable. The WNW Juicy Lip Balm works much better for me. :)

  11. The packaging is amazing, I adore Disney and Alice! I can't abide the EOS balms, they make my lips dry and irritated. :(

  12. This is going to be a stocking stuffer for mt lip balm addicted daughter! I love the little Mickey Mouse indentations! In my experience Vanilla scents/flavors are either a big sucess or big failure. I think that companies that try to reivent the wheel on the wheel on vanilla should never skimp on an ingredients!

  13. I don't own this, but I want to. My Target is not the best. OT They have not even set up their Maybelline Color Tattoo e/s display. (1 girl did go in the back to get me the brights when I gave her the codes). On my next visit, a different lady tried to convince me that the everyday colors were all that they had. I wanted to get a photo of the display to post on my blog. When I told her I'd purchased the other new colors a week prior, she muttered something about their not supposed to be out until back to school. Um, this is after back to school & the other display is not out yet. I need to get the codes & find the 1st lady so I can get my hands on this eos ltd edition pkg! LOL great post! A must have for me. While I am not an avid AIW fan, I am truly an eos lip balm fan. Must have all of the flavors *tick #imobsessed. LOL

  14. I love Disney, I even live in where WDW is, well, more like across town from it but still, I may have to find these! I never used EOS but I heard good things about them and I tend to look for lip balms when I run out of my Lush Honey Trap and can't go until my fiance's next day off or if I accidentally left my make up bag (it happens), maybe I should try these. I do own the LipSmackers Disney glosses, both the Minnie and Daisy and the princess ones, so this will be an interesting addition to the balms.

  15. I got these today from the Super Target near my school since my nearby Target didn't have them. I did call beforehand to see if they had them and they did. The weird thing was when I went, the beauty department manager didn't know what I was talking about at first and same with some of the girls in the department until they went looking and they found them! I did review these and I will put on here what I thought, Blueberry Potion smells like real blueberries and better than the waxy, candle smell that the Hello Kitty lip glosses has for the Blueberry one. (I have the lip gloss set and using that flavor now) The Watermelon Wonderland one was very strong for my sense of smell! I am blind and with enhanced senses, can't get over really strong scents and this one took the cake! But I do agree it does smell like the watermelon flavor of Bubble Yum. And Sweet Vanilla Nonsense, I did see the Barbie smell before but when I smelled it a little later, it reminded me of ice cream and also vanilla coffee creamer you tend to find at Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts and the vanilla ice cream at a Coldstone or Marbleslab (depending on the location you live nearby). I like these, they did bring a bit of moisture to my lips but need to actually wear them before I decide to try other EOS flavors and if I do, which ones do you recommend?

  16. Was in my Local target today & seen this. Not a fan of EOS but figured I'd share my sighting because your post says Nov. so people who are looking for the set may be able to find now

  17. I still haven't seen this at my local Target (Burbank area). I really want to get my hands on these.

  18. I bought this package (indeed adorable overload) it was my first time buying an eos lip balm,but unfortunately I think I may be allergic to something in the formula of this lip balms, I've never had a problem with dry lips, and suddenly they were soo dry, red, burnt and flaky. Such a bummer. :/

  19. I never saw these last year or anytime this year! I really want them! I collect all th EOS' and NNNNEEEEDDD this package! I love blue and. Am dying for the blueberry potion one! I'll have to look on amazon or eBay .. Thanks for such an amazing reviewM


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