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Sunday, September 18, 2016

5x Points on Too Faced at Ulta (PS: Holiday 2016 Collections from Too Faced, Tarte, IT Cosmetics, Julep and More Now Available)

I was going to just update my recent 21 Days of Beauty post about this, but since I know that so many of us are excited about the Holiday 2016 value sets, AND since Ultamate Rewards points = free money, I thought this was worthy of its own post!

Thanks so much for the emails, comments, and messages letting me know that Ulta sent members an email today that contained this message:

This offer is valid now through 10/1 on all Too Faced purchases online and in-store, but you must activate before you make a purchase. If you did not get this email today, sign into your Ulta account here, then go to your "My Rewards" tab and click "My Bonus Offers". You will see the offer available to activate if you received it. If you do not see it in your account, you can try calling Ulta Customer Service at 866-983-8582 and see if they'll give you the offer. I know that some readers have had luck with that in the past, while some have not, but it's always worth a shot!

From the email:

Must activate offer and shop online or in-store by 10.1.16 to qualify for 5x points (1 base + 4 bonus points). Offer takes up to 5 minutes to activate.

To go with this 5x points offer, I want to let you know that yesterday Ulta added the Too Faced Holiday 2016 value sets to their site (as well as Holiday 2016 sets from IT Cosmetics, Tarte, and more):
  • Click here to view Tarte Holiday 2016 sets (FREE deluxe Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara and Tarteist Glossy Lip Paint in Goals with any $35 Tarte purchase)
  • Click here to view IT Cosmetics Holiday 2016 sets (FREE Discover IT Kit with any $45 IT Cosmetics purchase)
  • Click here to view bareMinerals Holiday 2016 sets
  • Click here to view Julep Holiday 2016 sets (FREE deluxe mini Length Matters Mascara with any $30 Julep purchase)
  • Click here to view Smashbox Holiday 2016 sets (FREE Donald Robertson Cosmetic Bag w/ deluxe sizes Classic Primer & Be Legendary Lip Gloss w/any $35 Smashbox purchase)

PS: I also want to let you know that the new Urban Decay stuff, including the Naked Illuminated Trio, Vice Vintage Capsule Collection and more, are now online HERE in case you were waiting for those. FREE deluxe sample Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion with any $40 Urban Decay purchase. And if you're Platinum, the free 24-piece gift bag when you spend $125 is still in stock HERE.


  1. Forgive me for my lack of knowledge, but what does 1x base points +4 bonus points means? I would have thought that 5x points would mean that the purchase would be multiplied by 5 the original value of the purchase, but by that wording, I am guessing I am very wrong? lol

    1. It just means that you will get your usual points that you get on all purchases at Ulta, PLUS 4x more. That equals 5x total. So let's say you earned 10 points with a regular purchase. With this promo, you would also get an additional 4x that amount (4 x 10). 10 + 40 = 50, and that's the same at 10 x 5. Does that make sense? Hope that helps! :)

    2. Ah yes! Thats what I thought but the "4 bonus" threw me off. Thank you!!!! Love your blog btw!

  2. Ooooh, Grand Hotel. Should I wait and hope it's still in stock for 20% off at Sephora? Or get 5X points on it now and not risk losing out?

    1. Well according to my Ulta account, the Grand Hotel will get you 257 points with the 5x offer. So that's $8 in store credit. If you wait for the VIB sale, you'll get $9.80 off with the 20% off discount. So it really comes down to a few things. Will you be buying other TF items to get even more points at Ulta? Because you can also get that free gift bag right now if you're Platinum and spending $125. If you have points to use RIGHT NOW, then you could lower your out of pocket, save more off the front end, and still get your 5x points, which means extra money on the back end. But if you're ONLY buying the Grand Hotel, then waiting for the Sephora sale might be a better option...IF it's still in stock by then. Like you said, it's a risk because we all know how quickly things sell out at Sephora. And I can tell you that I'm hearing the most "I want it" comments from readers about the Grand Hotel more than anything else from TF Holiday 2016 right now. That's a tough one to decide, but I hope this extra info makes it a tiny bit easier? Lol. Also, who the heck knows what Black Friday and Cyber Monday may bring in terms of deals. I don't mean to make it more difficult but yeah, lots of things to consider! I'm currently struggling myself since I have like a 1000 Ulta points to use and the 5x offer and gift bag are REALLY tempting me right now. That's $50 off my order and I will still get the 5x points on TF and the gift bag even if I just spend $75 out of pocket. Oh the pressure!!! ;)

    2. Hi! I was wondering when Sephora usually has their 20% off sale? People keep referencing waiting for that sale, but are they talking about waiting until the one in Nov/Dec???

    3. are the best to go through those details!

    4. I have been waiting for you to mention Black!! It's creeping up on us!! I have the same dilemma. You really broke it down. I will buy somethings from Ulta and some from Sephora. I definitely can't wait for the Black Friday deals.

    5. Unknown: first week of November is when the Sephora VIB sale usually occurs.

      Journeymom: Any time! It's always nice to see it written out (for me, as well)! ;)

      Tamiko: Oh girl, I don't dare say those words out loud yet. Lol! I have to mentally prepare for like a whole month, Mr. G gets the coffee purchased in bulk, and I basically have to go into a meditative state for the week before it begins. LOL! After covering BF/CM for several years now, last year's deals were the CRAZIEST and I literally didn't move from my computer for like 12 hours straight, and I didn't shower for two days. I wish I could say that's an exaggeration but I seriously couldn't keep up no matter how hard I tried. And I expect that THIS year's round-up is going to even more intense for me to update. *cries* LOL!

    6. That's why we all appreciate all that you do!!! I am so glad I found you and your blog. Now I can focus on Walmart/Target and Besy Buy this I know you have the beauty part covered!!!!

    7. Tamiko, it means so much to me that you'd put your faith in me like that! THANK YOU!! I hope to never let you down! *hugs* xo

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for everything you do for us!!! As the holidays are coming, it's going to get crazy and you are going to keep us sane through another season!! God bless and seriously, I love youuu!!! Lots of hugs and I will try to keep you updated on what deals come out. ♡♡♡

  4. When using your Ulta points, its best to save up and use 2,000 at a time! 2,000 points is $125, 1,000 is only $50, 4,000 points is $250 soooo use 2,000 at a time for a better value :)

  5. I called Ulta and the 5x points is only for platinum members :(

  6. Are both Sephora and Ulta carrying the same version of this palette?

  7. Holding off until October 1. October is my birthday month. Then I can do better than 5x points!

  8. It's definitely no coincidence that they're doing 5x the points on Too Faced as Too Faced is releasing their Holiday collection. It's so early to be holiday shopping so I'm trying to resist, but the 5x the points makes it so tempting!

  9. Has anyone heard/read when the TF holiday sets will be physically in Ulta stores? I want to use my 5x points offer but prefer to pick things up in person. Thanks.


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