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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Virtual Tour of the New NYX Store in Arcadia, CA

image credit: @chibigirl626 for Nouveau Cheap
The new NYX Store in Arcadia, CA

As you know (I think I've done a zillion posts about this by now), NYX has opened three freestanding stores in Southern California, and two are slated to open this holiday season in Northern California (click here for info about all five stores). 

Since the new stores in Southern California are all at least two hours away from me here in San Diego, I haven't had the opportunity to scope one of them out yet. But I'm thrilled to tell you that reader @chibigirl626 on Twitter has! She visited the Arcadia store back in October when it first opened (located in the Westfield Santa Anita Mall) and was nice enough to provide us with a virtual tour.

Take it away, @chibigirl626!

(Note: I take privacy extremely seriously here on the blog, for both my readers and complete strangers. So I have blurred out all faces in the these photos, and I apologize for not doing it well--I have zero Photoshop skills!)

image credit: @chibigirl626 for Nouveau Cheap
The NYX Beauty Bar inside the new NYX Store in Arcadia, CA

@chibigirl626 writes:

THE BEAUTY BAR: NYX went full-on Sephora with a Beauty Bar installation [located near the entrance]. Their sales associates can do the same thing Sephora associates do (mini-makeovers, product recommendations). I don't know if product samples are going to be a thing here.

image credit: @chibigirl626 for Nouveau Cheap
Some of the eyeshadow refill displays

@chibigirl626 writes:

PRICE: everything is retail price, so it's the same as Ulta and Target and other places where you can buy NYX. But Ulta and Target have coupons... I didn't see anything about a NYX rewards program either. [Hopefully they'll launch a rewards program down the line. Fingers crossed. --G.]

image credit: @chibigirl626 for Nouveau Cheap
More eyeshadow refill displays

image credit: @chibigirl626 for Nouveau Cheap
What's New display (photo taken in early October 2015)

image credit: @chibigirl626 for Nouveau Cheap
California Palette

image credit: @chibigirl626 for Nouveau Cheap
Los Angeles Palette

image credit: @chibigirl626 for Nouveau Cheap
Lid Lacquer display

@chibigirl626 writes:

NEW PRODUCTS: the California and Los Angeles palettes were new to me, as was the Lid Lacquer and the Custom Palettes. [All of these products are now available on the NYX website, but keep in mind that these photos were taken in early October. --G.] Also, there was a deal in-store where you could get a hard make-up case with a $75 purchase. I also looked at every single display in the store, but nothing really stood out to me as an store-only exclusive, which was disappointing.

image credit: @chibigirl626 for Nouveau Cheap
 In-store Custom Shadow Pro Palette display

@chibigirl626 writes:

Overall, this seems like a great place to visit if your local Ulta has a limited selection of NYX stuff, or if you don't know where to find NYX stuff and your only access to the brand is their online store, but I didn't find anything particularly compelling about what they had-- no in-store specials or exclusives.

Thanks so much, @chibigirl626, for that virtual tour of the Arcadia, CA NYX store! I agree with you that you it's kind of a bummer about the absence of in-store exclusives, but perhaps they're just trying to get the stores up and running at this point, and maybe they'll introduce some exclusive items in the future? I would also love to see a customer rewards program--again, maybe that's something they'll roll out in the future. I do love the look of the actual store though--the high ceilings, lighting, and dark walls give it a cool "movie theater" vibe.

Have you visited any of the NYX stores yet? If so, what did you think? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Do you know if the Valley Fair store is open yet?

    1. I don't think so. In the link in this blog post, the NYX site is still showing the opening date as "Holiday 2015".

  2. My jaw literally dropped when I saw this post title in my feed. NYX has it's own store?! Here's hoping it does well so we can get some on the east coast!

  3. I was just there one week ago! The first thing I noticed was that they copied Sephora's floor layout, and that none of their helpers greeted me when I entered, unlike at Sephora. (However, the NYX was pretty packed that day.)

    There are testers for all the items, though I found the lipstick display confusing since I don't remember seeing if they labeled which was which. You have to pull it out to see the names of the lipstick.

  4. I visited the Arcadia store the Monday after it opened (to avoid the masses). The NYX website had said if you joined the mailing list you'd get a coupon for a certain % off of your first purchase. I don't remember what the amount was anymore but I saved $40. I don't know if they're still doing that for future store openings. I'm a wheelchair user and the staff was EXTREMELY helpful. I don't have an Ulta near me but the mall is 10 minutes away. I plan on going back closer to Christmas to see if there's anything else I can buy.

  5. I would feel super special if they built one in my state in the two biggest cities we have. I can get to both. Not California. And kinda makes me sad if they had instore only when I can't get even close to a store. But I know there is a lot of competition probably in those big city areas of the country. Where it would help them and customers. Can only hope they come to the middle of the country.


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