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Friday, September 11, 2015

Honest Beauty is Here (And There's a Free Trial Set)

Just in case you didn't sign up for alerts when I first posted about the new Honest Beauty line back in June, I want to let you know that they sent out an email a few hours ago announcing that the site is now live, and they have a promotion for a free trial for their skincare:

Keep reading for more info...

The Honest Beauty site is now live HERE (makeup and skincare). The page to sign up for your free skincare trial (three choices for various skin types) is HERE, however PLEASE NOTE:
  • This trial set (which includes three deluxe samples plus a vegan cosmetics bag) is free, although you do have to pay $5.95 for shipping.

I wanted to make sure you knew about the auto-charge, since it wasn't apparent to me by looking at the trial sign-up page. I discovered the auto-ship info when I was looking at the website's FAQs. For more info about the free trial and auto-ship terms, click HERE and scroll down to the "Trial" section.

I would love it if you'd come back here, after you've taken a look at the Honest Beauty offerings (makeup and skincare) to let me know what you think. I was actually a little surprised at the price-points; I guess I wasn't expecting the makeup products to be high-end ($30 for foundation, $18 for lip crayons). Unfortunately, this line is clearly not in the price range of the types of products I review here on Nouveau Cheap (unless of course there's a value set or deep discount involved) so I don't think I'll be reviewing any of Honest Beauty's makeup in the foreseeable future. However, I may review the free trial down the road if I decide to order a set.


  1. Lol they need to change it to '(Not So Honest Co.)' Free, but you have to pay for shipping. Oh, and BTW, you are now enrolled in auto ship, which, if Wen & Proactive are any indication, is going to be a pain to cancel. In all seriousness, having seen the whole thing about people using the Honest Co. sunscreen & getting burned, I'd be reluctant to try their stuff...

  2. after having unending issues cancelling with Julep I just can't give Honest Co. a try :( Too bad, they may be fine to deal with, but I've been burnt. Looking forward to hearing about the products from those that do try them.

    1. My debit card info got stolen a few months ago, and I had to get it replaced. Unexpected bonus: no more unwanted Julep stuff billed and shipped to me because I couldn't remember to skip the month on time. If a new collection looks good enough in the future, I'll update it, but in the meantime, incorrect billing info is an effective solution.

  3. I too am always gun shy about signing up for auto deliveries. I do like that they have a 365 day return policy (with free shipping on returns), but on the other hand, I HATE returning things. And I just don't think that seven days is nearly enough time to determine if you want to commit to auto ship. Plus, what if you only like one or two of the products? It sounds like you only save money if you purchase the bundle (all three products) and I just don't feel that that's realistic for a lot of us. I don't know...maybe they'll come out with other options over time.

  4. No guys that have AMAZING customer service. I have had all of there services at one time or another and have never had any issues whatsoever with starting, stopping or pausing a subscription 💂

    1. I have had the same experience with their customer service, they cancelled my subscription and never received any unwanted items or charges.

  5. I was surprised to see the price point of the items (spent all morning on their website); def not what I expected. I do love the packaging a lot. I saw the "we will automatically charge you $50 a month unless you cancel within 7 days" which is a no-no for me. Also, It was impossible to find info regarding which retailers will carry this line but I remember that I read a while back that Bed Bath and Beyond was going to have it so when I stopped at Harmons (Manhattan) today I asked them about it. They said that not only they would but they were going to have some sort of event launching it. They were not sure about the time frame though. With the Bed Bath and Beyond coupons and wonderful return policy I will def try skincare and couple of cosmetics items from the line but, again, I am not thrilled with the price at all.

  6. That is a pretty steep price for someone just beginning in cosmetics IMO. TBH, something always rubbed me wrong about how she's spoken about her management skills. She almost seems proud that she makes people cry at her company. Since I'm always looking for proof:

  7. My tip to everyone who doesn't feel like 7 days is enough of a trial period (I agree), as soon as you receive your trial pack log into your account and change the ship date to later. I think you can go up to a couple months. Also, honest customer service is great!

  8. The only thing honest about this company is that Jessica Alba is becoming a very wealthy woman from it (and judging by her acting skills, it's a good thing she got a new gig).

  9. This price point is too high for this girl! I won't be ordering online. If Target decides to carry it in store I may try something on sale.

  10. $18 for a lip crayon? That's more than what the original Clinique Chubby retails for... a little steep I would say!

  11. Ok, I looked... I saw the prices, got annoyed, and went to the Honest Company's main site because I wanted to see what they had to say. Well, they say they want their products to be accessible and affordable to as many people as possible. It also said Jessica Alba came from modest beginnings... OK, Jess, did YOUR mom buy $30 foundations and $25 eye shadow quads??
    As far as the actual products...I didn't see anything special or earth-shattering there. I guess we are to assume it's as much what's in the products as what they look like. I think, if Jessica Alba was REALLY smart, she'd come up with something that was vegan, natural, good-for-you AND as affordable (which means more accessible) as she says she wants to be. FAIL.

  12. I won't buy anything if there's an automatic order following the trial, even if if I have some days to cancel it. That's just annoying.
    The products look nice, with pretty packaging, and I like the focus on different skin tones, but that ad with the girls with different coloring they still seem the same to me: Young, skinny, blown-out hair (except for one girl). But then again, that's how most of beauty products are pitched: Put it on a 22-year-old and sell it.
    I'd be more interested if I knew where it was made (for that price I'd hope the factory workers are getting fair pay) and if I could sample swatches somewhere.
    She might be smart to move on to something besides acting. Look how rich Jessica Simpson got on her fashion line and how much other celebs have made branching out into perfume, makeup and more.

  13. I would have to disagree with a lot of the comments above. Whether or not you choose to bundle, I feel that these prices are fair. Personally, I would rather pay a bit more fewer quality products-- I also believe that most of the items of this line are made in the US (a few also being made in Italy?). It's not for everyone, there will always be a cheaper alternative, but I feel that the price point for these is a balance between being affordable and having quality service and products. Lastly, I've never been a Jessica Alba fan, but she has a great business model, and I appreciate her honesty about her shortcomings as a manager. If celebrities are successful in other businesses outside of the entertainment industry, more power to them!

  14. I was at the pop up store at The Grove and was able to swatch and sample products. The store is beautiful and it invites you to play. I was even offered generous sample without having to ask! The shadows were nicely pigmented as were the pencils. However, they didnt pass the smudge test so dont know how long lasting they are. Where I was truly disappointed was the face products. I got a sample of the regular tinted moisturizer because I assumed it to be more emolient. It tugged as I attempted to apply it to my normal skin. I cant imagine someone with dry skin trying it. The coverage was impressive for a tinted moisturizer, but I found it lacking in the moisture department. I have never experienced a tugging issue with a face product. The primer is a luminizing primer but I found it didnt help with pores or the longevity of foundation (I tried the primer with the Honest tinted moisturizer as well as my other foundations). I so wanted to fall in love with this brand as I love other (non makeup) products in the line, but this is a pass for me.


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