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Friday, May 29, 2015

Swatches of All Ten New Maybelline Colorsensational Creamy Matte Lipsticks

Updated with additional swatches.

I still haven't found any of the ten new permanent shades in the Maybelline Colorsensational Creamy Matte line (or ANY of the new Maybelline cosmetics I posted about HEREHEREHERE, and HERE) in my area yet, but that's not stopping me from sharing some beautiful swatches with you today! Thanks to three lovely readers, I have arm swatches and even a few lip swatches  for you, so let's get right into it.

NOTE: I've heard from a few readers who have spotted some of these shades (not all ten) at Target this week, but so far Walmart seems to be where most people are finding all ten new shades right now. Hopefully they'll hit the usual drugstores within the new week or two, since I believe the "official" release date on these shades is the first week of June. 

image credit: Brooke for Nouveau Cheap
Maybelline Colorsensational Creamy Nudes
New Shades vs. Original Shades
(not pictured: Blushing Pout)

(Whoops! Typo alerts: the names above should read Nude Nuance and Lust for Blush. Sorry about that!) Many thanks to reader Brooke for the above swatches. Brooke found nine of the ten new Creamy Matte shades in her area (the only new shade she couldn't find was Blushing Pout, which you'll see further down in this post) and not only did she swatch them for us, she also shared swatches of some of the original, existing shades so that we can compare. So helpful!

Look how vibrant and bright those pinks (and that purple) are. Wow! I'm sort of getting a MAC Candy Yum Yum and Kelly Yum Yum vibe from Electric Pink and Pink Sugar. How about you?

Keep reading for more swatches...

image credit: Jess for Nouveau Cheap
New Maybelline Colorsensational Creamy Matte shades
Top: Blushing Pout
Middle: Clay Crush
Bottom: Nude Nuance

Many thanks to reader Jess (@dontcallmejesse on Instagram) for sharing these hand and lip swatches of the three shades she found at Target this week. Yeah, I'm gonna need all three of these. No question about it. I'm sort of feeling like Clay Crush may be similar to Gerard Cosmetics 1995 (much more so than Touch of Spice, which has way more pink to it than 1995). 

image credit: @msqueenbee617 for Nouveau Cheap
New Maybelline Colorsensational Creamy Matte shades
Nude Nuance, Clay Crush, Rich Ruby, Vibrant Violet, All fired Up, Blushing Pout

Last but not least, reader @msqueenbee617 on Instagram kindly shared this pic of six of the new Creamy Matte shades that she purchased this week. In this pic, I'm getting a serious MAC Heroine vibe from Vibrant Violet. How about you?


image credit: @mdnart5 for Nouveau Cheap
MAC Heroine vs. Maybelline Vibrant Violet

Many thanks to reader @mdnart5 on Instagram for the above swatch comparison. I was hoping that Vibrant Violet might be a dupe for Heroine (I even mentioned that above when I first wrote this post!). So I'm thriled that @mdnart5 was able to share this with us.  I'd say we have a dupe on our hands! In fact, @mdnart5 said that she probably shouldn't keep the Maybelline since it's so closer to Heroine, but she loves the texture of the Maybelline shade (they're so creamy, right?). So I can totally understand wanting to keep both (I would absolutely keep both!). 

Thanks so very much, Brooke, Jess, @msqueenbee617 and @mdnart5 for the great swatches. This was so helpful--I really appreciate it!


  1. I was just bemoaning my lack of purple lipstick this morning! Hopefully I can score Vibrant Violet. Though it may be too bright on me. Still going to be on the lookout!

  2. Yep, definitely going to need those reds and Blushing Pout.

  3. I like your typo better- "lush for blush"! hehe. Blushing Pout looks gorgeous!

  4. I STILL haven't found Lust for Blush and Touch of Spice where I am. But they haunt my dreams; I NEED them! 😄


  6. Grrr Maybelline, why don't you give us a cool nude in this line for a change?

    Vibrant Violet and Electric Pink look awesome tho

  7. I wonder how Vibrant Violet compares to Milani's Matte Glam. Anyone know?

    1. I have the Milani Matte Glam lipstick and I just bought the new Maybelline Vibrant Violet lipstick today. I will be posting a comparison of the two tomorrow. I'll reply back tomorrow to let you know if the two, purple, matte lipsticks are similar in color or not.

    2. I just bought Vibrant Violet and Rich Ruby today along with one of those new lip pencils. I am loving the color selection in both of these two, new lip products. Thanks for posting the pic of the orginal and new Maybelline Matte lipsticks.

    3. The Milani Matte Glam is darker than Maybelline Vibrant Violet lipsticks and is has a matte finish. The Maybelline Vibrant Violet is exactly like it's name. It's a true, vibrant, purple lipcolor and it has a cream,matte finish to it with a slight sheen. They may look similar, but they are two different shades of purple. Pics are on my Instagram account under mzericalynn3.

    4. Wow, thanks so much for the comparison! Guess I do need them both. ;)

  8. My Walmart has a completely empty area for those and the Colorblur things. I'm hoping they didn't put them out yet... waiting for them to do so.

  9. Omg these swatches! Blushing Pout, Vibrant Violet, Nude Nuance, Clay Crush and Burgundy Blush are first on my list. But I have a feeling I'm going to end up with all of these lol

  10. I found a few random Clay Crush and maybe one or two other new shades thrown in an empty spot in the display at my Walmart (sometimes they really tick me off with the sloppiness)...I got the Clay Crush, haven't used it yet. I've looked at two Walmarts and a bunch of drugstores between my job and home and haven't seen anything besides at my local Walmart. I think Nude Nuance is next for me!

  11. Ahh! These swatches just make me want to find these and snatch them up even more... if that's possible!

  12. ****MZERICALYNN5****
    My apologies, I made a mistake when typing my reply. I put mzericalynn3 which wrong.

  13. I hadn't really thought about trying the original shades....but I really like the look of Daringly Nude.

    1. Same here, I can't even recall seeing them, old or new. Let the hunt begin!

  14. I bought nude embrace today at cvs. Of course it was not on sale and I winced at 8.49, however I had a 2.00 off coupon and I used a 6.00 off 30.00 too

  15. Found them at WalMart today! Picked up Vibrant Violet! Will probably go back for Blushing Pout. Also found the new Maybelline Colorblur cream matte pencils. Picked up #45 I'm Blushing!

  16. Hmm... I may be confused here... Picked up Nude Nuance today.. And it's totally different from the LE Nude NuanceS... Right!? I was expecting a pale pinky nude and this is a deep brownie nude color... Am I just confused or was anyone else expecting something different!? Lol!

  17. Thank you for the array of swatches. I was looking for a shade that is just darker than nude for me, and Clay Crush is exactly that color for me. Glad I went for that and not their "nude," as that would have been darker than I'd bargained for. Thanks for helping me make an informed purchase.


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