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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Spotted: NEW L'Oreal Dark Sides of Grey by Colour Riche Collection

A few weeks ago, OPI announced their 50 Shades of Grey Collection, and Make Up For Ever has a 50 Shades of Grey collection debuting later this month. So it won't be a surprise if we start to see various "unofficial" collections inspired by the book/upcoming movie at the drugstores as well, which brings us to this new collection from L'Oreal. While the new Dark Sides of Grey collection doesn't appear to be an official tie-in to the book/movie, it definitely has some similar undertones.

Many thanks to longtime reader Melissa @melissa_wiggles_83 on Instagram for this one. Melissa spotted the Dark Sides of Grey collection at her local Walgreens this week and kindly shared some pics:

image credit: Melissa for Nouveau Cheap
NEW L'Oreal Dark Sides of Gray by Colour Riche Collection

Keep reading for a closer look...

image credit: Melissa for Nouveau Cheap
700 Aux Chandelles, 701 Masked Affair, 702 Caution Please, 703 Totally of Accord

image credit: Melissa for Nouveau Cheap
704 Bad Boy Grey, 705 Power Potion, 706 Grey Corset, 707 Miss Grey

I haven't read the book, but even I can tell that these shade names seem to be influenced by what I know of the story.

I don't see the words "Limited Edition" on this display, so I don't know if these are LE or new permanent additions to the core line. Have you spotted this collection in your area yet? Thoughts?

Thanks again, Melissa, for the great sighting and pics!


  1. I don't plan on reading the books, I'm just not into p*rn*grapy (don't want to give you the wrong kind of search engine hits lol). But I have been LOVING grey polish this year, so I'm really excited to see these in person

    1. I agree...I haven't read the books and don't intend on seeing the movie. It just looks vulgar. I'm no goody two shoes but still. I'll pass. But the nail polish looks amazing!!

  2. Can't stand the terrible, poorly-written books but I do love grey nail polish. I'll probably buy the whole collection. Sigh.

  3. I'm loving all of these shades. They are all soo pretty!!I think I need them all.

  4. I saw this display yesterday at Walgreens but it was so high up even I couldn't reach it and the cashier was too busy for me to bug her to get it down. I'm going to have to go back and really look at these shades because some of them look pretty but I have to see them in person. And no, I haven't read this book but I thought the same thing when I saw the display. I do know that OPI is doing a 50 Shades of Grey collection for Valentines Day. Saw the ad in InStyle mag.

  5. These books are terrible, quality-wise even for erotica, and its not surprising it's basically a twilight fanfiction and they insult any subcultures they tried to represent. I'm not planning on getting these unless the finishes are spectacularily beautiful and unique.

  6. Grabbed these off the top shelf of my Walgreens! #701 Masked Affair is the only one I ended up getting because it was the only one that looked unique to my collection. It is a beautiful holographic glitter polish. It took 3 to 4 coats for it to be opaque. It has worn great all week with no chips. I will be buying a backup just in case it is LE. (I've learned is better to assume it is than assume is not if you like a product)

  7. I bought four of them today ad like BeautiLIVEful said, Masked Affair is holographic. Totally D'accord is a blue-based grey with gorgeous glass fleck like particles in it. Bad Bad Grey is textured and is slightly purple. And Grey Corset is matte.

  8. I love grey polish. I have not read the books, it simply isn't my type of literature, but I will buy the polish!

  9. yesterday i bought 701 masked affair and 702 caution please. i didn't realize that masked affair was holographic until i just put it on. in the bottle it just look like a lavender grey. it's really pretty and required three coats. dries a touch on the matte side. i'm not a big fan of the l'oreal brush and it prevents me from buying them. i do like this color, however, and am excited to try caution please. i will say that since there is a glitter/metallic aspect to the polish, the brush isn't as much of a problem.

  10. I've seen a few on Instagram and I am very interested in a few of them. Not so much the novel or movie as it's also not my kind of literature.

  11. I tried to get them at CVS tonight, but there were none. I'll keep an eye out. ~boatmate

  12. The polishes are gorgeous. Just as the OPI's some are problematic. Both options worth a look see. It's so funny that everyone disparaging this trilogy speaks pluerally. You could have stopped at 1 book!

  13. OMG! I finally found these at Bed Bath & Beyond

  14. I found the textured glitters 704 and 705 at Big Lots for $1.50 in Denver area!


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