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Saturday, August 23, 2014

HOT DEAL ALERT: TJ Maxx Makeup Sightings

If I were standing next to you right now, you'd hear me whispering this in your ear:

 "Honey, grab your keys...we're going to TJ Maxx NOW." 

You're not going to believe the insane deals that readers are spotting right now. Check it out:

image credit: Jess for Nouveau Cheap
Too Faced Holiday 2013 Limited Edition Jingle all the Way Palette
($7.99 at TJ Maxx; originally $25)

Thanks to reader Jess for the above sighting! She spotted this at her local TJ Maxx just a few days ago. This palette was originally $25 and it's still available on the Too Faced site for $19. Needless to say, it's a steal for just $7.99 considering that we pay that much (or more) for drugstore palettes, right?

Reader @mkupobsessions on Instagram also spotted this palette at her TJMaxx this week (click here for a pic).

More awesome sightings, after the jump....

Last week, several readers spotted some killer Kat Von D deals at TJ Maxx:

Hopefully you'll find these deals in your area too! Don't forgot that, at TJ Maxx, they often put the new makeup up near the front by the registers. So if you don't see anything in the regular beauty section, check up front!

Have you spotted any other great deals recently at your TJ Maxx/Ross/Marshalls stores? I'd love to hear all about it!

Thanks again, Jess, for the great pic, and to all the other readers who contributed info to this post!


  1. I picked up the GlamGlow Youth Mud Tingleexfoliate Treatment mask at Marshalls for $29.99 in the 1.7 oz size. Normally at Sephora it sells for $69. I am beyond excited!! They also had the GlamGlow Eye pods too.

    1. Oooh thank you! I know some readers were spotting GlamGlow stuff a month or two ago, but that's great news that you spotted them recently! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Found the wet and wild fergie gifts sets that have the mascara, eyeshadow, etc at TJ maxx and Marshalls I don't remember the price though

  3. Oh my, I wish I lived near a TJ Maxx :/ I can't bring myself to drive 40 min just to get this.

  4. I've been finding quite a few Ciate(UK) and Julep nail polishes for 6.99 & 4.99 respectively at TJ Maxx & Marshalls. Ciate is normally $15.00 at Sephora and/or Nordstrom and Julep at $14.00. I was too thrilled lol! All colors I've gotten from Ciate are still being sold on their website and the Julep colors are their colors from their "retired" section on their website.

  5. Just be careful because I've heard a lot about fakes and counterfeits in TJ's and Marshalls. Burberry recently sued them for selling large quantities of fake bags and also Dr. Denese skincare had a problem with fakes. I'm guessing the Too Faced product pictured in this post is legit since it's a holiday leftover, but I'd worry about the GlamGlow considering it's a hot product right now and they have no reason to sell it at a discount.

  6. I found Kat Von D Starry Eyes Autograph eyeliner set of 10 pencils for 7.99 a few days ago. I posted a pic on instagram, and think I tagged you in the comments. my name is ladyzombie_sassypants

  7. I was just there and sadly didn't see this! But I did get the Ciate Dollhouse collection for $9.

  8. Tj Maxx has direct contracts with manufacturers so the buyers get stuff in bulk at a much lower price, often times the items sent are from older collections, styles that did not do good in the retail stores or specific lines that are set aside, I have seen Coach factory bags at TJ and these bags have come directly from Coach headquarters in Florida (I have seen the actual boxes with the shipping label showing where they came from) so I know those items are authentic and not fake, just factory styles that are not sold at regular boutique stores, same thing with beauty products and other items, manufacturers sent them directly depending on what TJ buys from them

  9. My TJ Maxx tonight they had lots of makeup & polishes on clearance. Found Butter London in about 5 different types colors for $4.99-$5.99

  10. I wish my TJ Maxx carried more than dollar store/drugstore makeup (All I've ever seen there is ELF palettes and a couple of bottles of Essie polish)

    1. Same. The TJ Maxx/Marshalls around here never have good makeup. I'll check every TJ Maxx (and Marshalls for good measure) in the area but I'm not that optimistic.

  11. That's amazing. I need to go check this out to see if I can find it.

  12. I was just there on Friday and scored an Eclos face cleansing oil for $10 w/ a peelie to get it free after mail-in rebate!! I was expecting it to be expired but so long as it's postmarked by 3/15 it's all good. I also saw Ciaté polish, but none came home w/ me, I did get an awesome new cream coloured studded handbag as well as a double pac of silicone pore cleanser "scrublets" like the kind that come w/ the L'oreal face wash..these things are great! Also picked up a handled "dupe" of the tangle teaser, it's in the shape of a shell (like a scallop) I love it in the shower to shampoo and condition. Oh, and natural cat treats that are usually $4 for $2! I highly reccomend looking for dried fruit from Bella Viva Orchards (made in Cali, I think) they are delicious...pears, peaches, green apples, sooo good! Also jam from a company called Sarabeths, yummmm!

  13. My make uo section at my local TJ Maxx stinks...but their food section is awesome! Chia seeds, flax seeds, suoerfood smootie mixes, cacoa nibs, it!

  14. I found both the KVD Starry Eyes and the TTT sets at my local Marshall's. Both were $6.99. So, anyone looking for this, be sure to check both TJMaxx and Marshall's since they are owned by the same company. No luck on the Too Faced products yet but my store did have some $1 Essie polishes.

  15. The KVD liquid liners are terrible. I think the TJ max batch might be a bad one. They smudge and run like crazy!


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