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Monday, May 12, 2014

Update on the Wet n Wild and Wet n Wild Fergie sales this week at Walgreens

From the Walgreens ad for week of 5/11 - 5/17

I've spent the better part of the day trying to figure out the details on the Wet n Wild and Wet n Wild Fergie sales this week at Walgreens. Thanks to several of you here and on social media, I think I can bring a little clarity to the situation since many, many of you seem to be having differing experiences when it comes to this sale. So here we go...

ALL MONTH LONG (now through 5/31): select Wet n Wild Fergie products are 25% off. I believe this includes items that regularly retail from between $3.49 - $5.99. So this is why those of you who have tried to buy the Summer 2014 Limited Edition To Reflect Shimmer Palettes have not been able to get the discount (those retail for $6.99).

THIS WEEK ONLY (now through 5/17): select Wet n Wild Fergie products are 40% off and when you buy 2 qualifying products, you'll receive 500 points on your card. Again, I believe this includes items that regularly retail from between $3.49 - $5.99. Now some of you have said that you did not get the 40% off on limited edition items, so I'm wondering if you were trying to buy the Limited Edition To Reflect Shimmer Palettes, which are $6.99 and do not qualify for this sale. The items that fall between $3.49 and $5.99 should ring up for 40% off this week only (they'll revert back to 25% off on 5/18, through 5/31).

ALL MONTH LONG (now through 5/31): select Wet n Wild (NOT FERGIE) items are 30% off and 40% off. For example, Megaslicks Balm Stains, Megarocks Nail Polishes, Coverall products, Glassy Glosses, Megashield Lip Colors, Coloicon Bronzers and Megavolume mascara are 30% off, while the Megaliner Liquid Eyeliners, H20 Proof Liquid Eyeliners and Perfect Pair Eye Wands are 40% off. You can verify this yourself by checking the prices online here (there are more items on sale than what I listed above).

The biggest issue that seems to be popping up is that Fergie products that should be 40% off this week are either coming up 25% off in the system or not on sale at all. If the Fergie items you're trying to buy have a regular retail price of between $3.49 and $5.99 and they're not coming up 40% off this week, you can try showing the cashier the sale ad (see image above from this week's circular) and asking if they can manually override the price in the system. This is at the store's discretion, so there's no guarantees this will work (but it doesn't hurt to try).

Thanks again to several of you for the tips, input and advice. I really, really appreciate it!


  1. I went to Walgreens today. I purchased three items from the Fergie "permanent" line. They rang up at 25% off. I pointed out that the sales flyer was 40% off. The manager told me that the reason they weren't ringing as advertised was because their main server was struck by lightening yesterday, and caused a disruption in the system. So far the problem had not been resolved. But they gladly gave me the advertised price of 40% off.

    1. The sales does not applied for ny, I don't see it in my ads. Too bad

    2. Thanks for the heads up before I made the 30 minute drive!

  2. And there was some coupons on Yesterday's newspaper :)

    Thanks for sharing, I've been buying a lot of Wet n Wild products lately, is the gel eyeliner good? I'm having hard time with the Maybelline gel eyeliner, I can't find it on black :(

    1. I adore and swear by their gel liner! I recommend using a better liner brush than the one that comes with it, though!

    2. I don't know if they changed the formula but the last time I tried that gel liner, it went bad so fast and it was a little messy. For some though it's a HG and for the price point, there's no harm in trying it!

  3. Can someone please explain how the Walgreen's "points" work? I just don't understand this program. Thanks!

  4. I think I'm going back for the non-shimmer Fergie eye primer - I picked up the shimmer version on a whim - and love it. I've had the Milani primer - but I think it was causing my eyelids to dry out. The Fergie one is awesome, and you can't beat the price!

  5. I purchased 2 of the limited edition lippies and 1 of the eyeshadow palettes last night and all three items came up 40% off. I didn't even think to look until I saw this post.

  6. I appreciate the sale but it's a little ridiculous that it's actually a bit confusing.

  7. I saw you mentioned this deal but didn't read the details. I just went to Walgreens! I wanted to try the Jordana mascara you mentioned and found this Walgreens near me have it. So excited!

    While I was there I found the Fergie display with the limited addition and saw the 25% off and thought that was a good deal. I see now on my receipt that I got it for the 40% off! Win! Thanks! I picked up the eyeshadow palette and mascara.

    WNW FRG E/S PALTTE S/34381 .19OZ
    07780234381 A 3.17 SALE
    07780271127 A 3.17 SALE

  8. OMG, I got the Fergie primer & silica powder for 40% off, had two $1 off WnW coupons, and paid $4.76 with tax for both products!!! I'd been wanting to try both forever, this is such a great sale! And I got 500 points back, which I think is equal to about $1.

  9. I went to Walgreens today looking for the sale but found a limited selection. In addition to your list, this is what I found on clearance:

    Revlon colorstay nail polish (all shades) $3.99
    Cover Girl clean pressed powder (all shades) $4.19
    Cover girl + olay pressed powder (all shades) $6.49
    Cover girl clean whipped foundation (all shades) $4.39
    Cover girl flip stick lipsticks (all shades) $4.99
    Cover girl outlast lipsticks (all shades) $4.99
    Mililani nail polishes (select shades)
    L'oreal foundation (I think it was visual lift, all shades)

    There was a bin in front of the store with random items for 50%. I saw sally Hansen nail strips, revlon nail polish (black with white chunky glitter), maybelline eye shadow singles and duos, sally Hansen quick dry nail polish and other random items. Many of the items were the only one of it so I don't know if it's old product or returns?


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