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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Wednesday Question

What's your favorite beauty ritual, and why?

I have many, but I think my current favorites are polishing my nails and grooming my brows. I love doing my nails because it relaxes me. I can shut out the world and just focus on that for a while, and who doesn't love a fresh manicure? I love grooming my brows when I can take my time with it (I hate doing it when I'm in a rush) because there's such a sense of accomplishment after a good brow-grooming. In my case, it's like climbing K2--it's painful and it requires great determination and focus, but it's so worth it in the end. Ha!



  1. Same, doing my nails. I really enjoy the process!

  2. Same I love doing my nails its such a great way to relax n specially if I'm mad or sad about something seeing fresh painted nails make the day go by a little easier. Also I'm so happy when my brows come out just right. I wanna scream for joy!

  3. I love to do my nails. That's a nice little distraction to add a bit of fresh color to the day.

  4. I love doing my hair, it actually relaxes me. .my hair is really curly and it's always a two day process... wash the night before and prep it.. braid and sleep..once it's dry, then I'll flat Iron it the next day in small sections.. comes out beautiful. I also love to do my nails.

  5. Hi, G.! I've been a silent reader on your blog for a while now, and I just have to say it is AMAZING!!! :D Anyway, I really enjoy doing facials, if that counts. I wash my face, exfoliate it with a washcloth, sometimes steam my face, then do a facemask and my skin feels great afterwards! I also totally agree about grooming eyebrows. One time I did over pluck them though and boy, I'm never doing that again!

  6. clicked "enter" to soon. and so is my Sunday at home spa day.

  7. I love painting my nails because I get to use my creativity the most.

  8. Doing my mani/pedi on Sunday's evenings always relaxes me. It's the soaking my feet in Epson salts and essential oils, the bubbles, the selecting new colors because I'm not into matchy- matchy or nail art. Usually my toe nails get the brightest color, and for my finger nails I like to keep them more subdue, but still colorful.

  9. Not so sure it counts as a "beauty" ritual, I guess it's more of a daily (sometimes twice) hygeine thing...but I love to take my time in the shower. Nothing "resets" and refreshes like washing away the day and/or night and all the after shower things that go along w/ it...lotions, potions, and FRAGRANCE!! Perfume is something I feel naked without, I love chosing a scent of the day. I also love doing my own nails, especially a pedicure as I feel like only me, myself and I could really get in there and clean everything up just so. I take a good 1&1/2 hrs, but it is so worth it, as long as I have good tunes in the b/g and tea or coffee I'm all set! :)

  10. I love a good bubble bath with a book and the scent of my choice, followed by a thorough pedicure.

  11. another vote for sheet masks! although i usually can't be bothered to do it consistently, i love the extra hydration boost i get after

  12. Sunday night mani's and or pedi's just really relax me! I look forward to it very much. I also do a Wednesday night mani. I do enjoy an occasional home facial too!


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