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Friday, November 16, 2012

Five Buck Friday

It's Friday! And you know what that means. Time to share some Nouveau-Cheap-approved beauty products that will set you back a grand total of five bucks. 

Keep reading for this week's picks...

Jordana Easy Shine Glossy Lip Colors ($1.99 each at Walgreens, Kmart and the Jordana website). Do you crave a sheer lip color that feels light and looks glossy but delivers more pigment than a regular tinted lip balm? If so, these little wonders from Jordana might be just the ticket. At just two bucks a pop, I think they're definitely worth considering if you haven't tried them before. My favorite for fall is Sugar Plum, but I'm partial to Sweet Strawberry too (check out my full review with swatches here).

Wet n Wild Coloricon Eyeliners (retail: $0.99 each, wherever Wet n Wild is sold). Remember back in the day when Wet n Wild's eyeliners (the long pencils) were super hard and people used to warm them up with a lighter first? (Well that's what some of the girls at my high school used to do--I was far too paranoid to heat up a beauty product--it scared me just to watch them do it!) Anyway, long gone are those days and if you haven't revisited the Coloricon liners in the past few years, I think you might be surprised by how much softer (and more pigmented) they are. I think they're a great way to experiment with different colors to find out what works for you--especially before committing to higher-priced products. My favorites: Olive and Amethyst.

Suave Naturals Creamy Cocoa Butter & Shea Body Wash (retail: $2 wherever Suave products are sold). In terms of inexpensive body washes, this one by Suave is surprisingly moisturizing on my dry wintertime skin and it smells so yummy. I obviously don't know how it will work for you but for my particular skin, I'm constantly surprised by how non-drying this body wash is, and how often I reach for it in the wintertime. I think it's such a gem at just two bucks a pop.

That's it for this installment of Five Buck Friday. Do you already own any of these products? I'd love to hear how they work for you!


  1. I bought that olive Coloricon liner a long time ago on your recommendation, G, it's one of my favorites!

    1. Oh yay!! So happy to hear it worked for you! Thanks so much for letting me know, rosarita! :)

  2. I love the color ion liners by wet and wild! I have all of them except for the olive color. they are a great way to add a pop of color to a neutral eye:)

  3. I just want to tell you how much I really love this series! I think it's a fabulous addition to your blog, and I hope you never stop running it!

    That being said, do you find the coloricons to smudge? I like them, but they smudge terribly on me, especially the lower lashline. :(

    1. Thanks so much for the very kind words! xo

      As for these liners, they do run for me on the lower lash line (almost all pencil liners do for me, due to my oily skin) but I find they work a lot better if I only apply a tiny bit to my lower line and then blend out the line a bit. Also, topping them with a powder shadow works too. I don't have a problem with these running on my upper lashline though. Hope that helps!

  4. I have a ginormous bottle of lotion in the same Suave scent on my desk at work. It's really great on the winter, for sure!

    1. I love the lotion too! It's a great ”office” lotion since it's so inexpensive and most people tend to like it. :)

  5. I think Suave is highly underrated. I use the Almond and Shea butter shampoo and conditioner and it is just as good as most of the high end brands I have used. I have naturally curly colored hair and it keeps my hair very soft and moisturized without being greasy.. the shampoo is just the right balance between getting it clean without stripping it. I even use the shampoo as body wash.. and the conditioner as shave cream.. and I have no problem with it dehydrating my skin or causing irritation. I hardly ever have to use lotion anymore. At $2 a bottle (they even have giant ones with a pump!) it's a steal.

  6. I use so many Suave products! Hair care body care you just cannot go wrong. Some day I would love to see them to hair colors. I have the Jordana Glossy lip color in Sugar Plum I think I need to dig that one out of my basket of lesser used lip products! Gonna go do that right now!!! Lol!

  7. I have some WnW coloricon eyeliners too. I like Mink Brown. ^^

    That body wash sounds super good right now.
    The cold weather lately has made my skin so dry.

  8. I definitely used to take a lighter to my Wet & Wild eyeliner in high school! I forgot about that until you mentioned it. I agree with you that their eyeliner now is much easier to apply.
    Oh, and I love this Five Buck Friday series!

  9. I want it all! I remember the days of those super-hard WNW liners. I'll have to try this once I run out of my current olive eyeliner. And I've been curious about the Jordana lip colors, and seeing your swatches I definitely want the strawberry.

  10. OMG -- I totally remember having to warm up my eyeliners. LOL Also, I really like Suave's products. They've come a long way from when they first started as a company. Something of theirs I *always* repurchase is their cocoa butter lotion. It smells great and leaves my skin soft.


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