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Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Top Ten Favorite Polishes from Sinful Colors

UPDATE: If you'd like to see swatches and dupe comparisons of some of the newer Sinful Colors shades, please click here.

Per requests from several readers, today I'd like to show you my top ten favorite polishes from Sinful Colors. Hopefully this will come in handy if you're new to the brand and want to take advantage of the $0.99 sale that starts Sunday (7/22) at Walgreens. This sale runs through 7/28, so you've got some time to get your shopping lists in order!

These are not the ONLY shades I love from Sinful Colors, of course, but they're my top ten. If you need some ideas about new shades to try, I hope this will help you. Also, I'm going to include five "honorable mentions" at the bottom of this post, plus a reader-submitted swatch of the newest shade in the Sinful Colors family!

I'm also including swatches from previous posts (when available). If I didn't have an existing swatch, I did a quick swatch on two fingers just to give you an idea of what the color looks like on the nail. So here we go!


It's not super original or groundbreaking, but I just love Forget Now. It's sparkly, vibrant and so fun to wear. it makes me feel all girly-girl when I have it on my toes.


I think of juicy tangerines whenever I wear Citrine. It's more beautiful in person, and it's just one of those jelly-cremes that kind of grows on you the longer you wear it. (Sorry for the nail art on one of my nails--this pic was from a previous post).


All About You is sheer and not too impressive when worn alone. But this is one of the most gorgeous layering polishes in my 600+ polish collection. Seriously, it looks gorgeous over green, brown, orange, you name it. Here it is over black (one of my favorite ways to wear it):


A brand new addition to Sinful Colors, Leap Flog has quickly stolen my heart. Murky, cold and industrial, it leans more green than other similar shades you can find at the drugstore these days. I feel like I should be listening to Kraftwerk whenever I wear this polish. Ha!



This cutie pie is so difficult to photograph (neither of these photos is 100% accurate), but I'm telling you, if you like coral cremes, you need Island Coral. It's almost perfect in two coats (three is better but you can totally get away with two) and unlike some lighter coral polishes, it's not streaky or difficult to work with. I think this is one of those corals that looks great on both fair and deeper skintones, so that's another reason you should own it!


Bare looks "blah" in the bottle, but on the nail? Oh my! Such a gorgeous, velvety nude with just the tiniest hint of shimmer to keep things interesting. LOVE THIS COLOR (and that's saying a lot because I hardly ever wear nudes).


Oh Winterberry, what is there NOT to love about you? You're like a purple berry in a snow-frosted wonderland. Just looking at you makes me shiver. 


A sky blue jelly-creme with pink and gold sparkle? Could this be more beautiful? If you don't own Cinderella by now, I just don't know what to say other than, you need this in your life.



Glass Pink makes me feel like a princess whenever I wear it. It's soft, subtle and work-friendly, yet it's got just enough sparkle to keep it from being boring. I think it's my favorite light pink polish that I own. It's just one of those pretty colors that works wonderfully for little girls, grandmas and everyone in between. It's sheer and needs three coats, but who cares when it looks this pretty?


Oh Mint Apple, I've cheated on you a zillion times with other mint polishes from the drugstore, but I always come back begging for your forgiveness. Your jade-like pigment and hidden gold shimmer bring me to my knees every time I wear you. There is no substitute for you, my dear Mint Apple!


Left to right:

Why Not 951
Be Happy 982
Adventure Island 5165
Athens 1113
Seaweed 5162

If you're a longtime reader of this blog, then you know that creme polishes are my absolutely favorite. So I HAD to add these additional five polishes to this post-I think you'd be quite happy with any (or all) of them, if you can find them. Some of these are from past LE collections, but I've heard from many of you who are finding random leftovers of older LE collections at your local Walgreens stores, so check those bins and old displays--you never know what might be lurking there!

And now, a swatch of the newest member of the Sinful Colors family, courtesy of reader Madeline of Girl Germs (such a cute name for a polish blog!):

image used with permission from Girl Germs
Sinful Colors Lavender

What a beautiful purplish-periwinkle-lavender creme! This one is definitely on my must-buy list this week.

What are YOUR top ten shades from Sinful Colors? Did any of your favorites make my list? Anything missing that you think should be here? Do tell! 

All of the polishes featured in this post were purchased with personal funds.


  1. Thank you! I have no sinful Polishes and nothing like a sale to try out a few colors.

  2. Awesome, I have tons of Sinful Colors but we only have Mint Apple in common. I should see what my top ten are :) great post

  3. Love Sinful colors! Mint apple is my favourite as well :) I also love Vacation Time and Sugar Sugar!!

    1. I absolutely LOVE Vacation Time, too!!

  4. I totally agree about Cinderella, it's stunning. I'm heading to Wags tomorrow to pick up hopefully 14 SC polishes that catch my eye. Mint Apple, Bare, and Leap Flog need to be mine. Also, you should check out Black on Black {a black creme} and Snow me White {a pure white}--- a good black and white polish are essential to any nail art lover, and those are both amazing. Creamy, buttery, glide onto the nails, and are completely opaque in one coat!

  5. I love your list! I just made a mental one, and have to add some awesome polishes- Nail Junkie, Green Ocean, Zeus, Social Ladder, and Fig. They're all gorgeous. (And Snow Me White is a fabulous white stamping polish!)

  6. I love the lavender shade! I've never tried sinful colors. Isn't that sad? I can't wait to try!

  7. Very nice. I'm not sure I've ever seen Forget Now. I am going to look for it next time I go to Walgreens.

    My favorites are Zeus, Cinderella, Nail Junkie, Let Me Go, Frenzy, Unicorn, Oh La La, Cloud 9, Leap Flog, Rain Storm. I have to say Zeus and Let Me Go are tied for my absolute favorites.

    Mint Apple misses my favorites just because I find the formula too thick.

  8. #144 Daisy the Pig, an OLD deep shimmery emerald green

    #139 Berlin Wall, another OLD one, shimmery gray-purple.

    #138 Medusa, yet another OLD one, shimmery rich medium brown

    #271 Shining Heart, sort of an iridescent medium bright pink

    #307 Tokyo Doll, medium iridescent peachy-pink

    #1007 Lavender, one of their new shades I bought today

    #944 Innocent, what I would call a pea green or an apple green

    #1053 Rain Storm, another new shade I bought today

    #115 Pearl Harbor & #179 Opal Glitter, both glitter top coats that are similar, except Pearl has clear glitter with a blue & green iridescence and Opal has a clear glitter with multicolored iridescence.

  9. I LOVE Mint Apple, but for some reason I can never get this beautiful color to completely dry! I have tried several quick dry top coats and NOPI drying drops, and it always smudges and dents on me :'( Maybe I got a dud? For a $1, I'm willing to get another bottle and see lol

  10. Love those colors! Need to hit up Walgreens! Thanks G!

  11. Thank you for the great blog as usual! Will definitely hit up Walgreens to check them out!

  12. I so so so want Cinderella but haven't been able to find it! Hopefully Wags will have it. I was looking at Glass Pink at Target and your swatches have convinced me to get it. It looks like Cinderella's pink sister in the bottle.

    Bianca, a nice pink creme is probably the most used polish in my collection, and it's my fave Sinful.

  13. Thanks for ur list, im happy i have all but one of ur 10 and that one i dont have because i hadnt started collecting yet. U have great taste ^_~
    My top 10 (in no particular order):
    Daddy's Girl
    Open seas
    Mint apple
    Soul mate
    Star fish
    Island coral
    Dancing nails
    Sugar sugar

  14. Thanks for the heads up on this sale! I LOVE and already own Cinderella and Glass Pink (if the ladies could see a macro shot of Glass Pink, it might change their minds if on the fence...) Cremes are usually my favorite but all 3 Sinful Colors I own are sparkly. #813 What's Your Name is a black jelly with reddish purple and dark blue shifting sparkle, is really pretty.
    Funny you mentioned you love Forget Now for your toes, since I'm about to use Spoiled S014 Club Rat on my toes and it seems close in color...?
    I'm going to look for Citrine and Leap Flog... I might even buy a back up of Cinderella and a Glass Pink to give to my Grams!

  15. I just went through all my nail polishes and as far as I can tell (I may have missed a few), I've got 68 Sinful polishes. XD More than any other single brand. I own all of the polishes on your top ten list, other than Bare, and I love them all. I'd like to add some that I think everyone should try to get too.

    Black on Black is my go-to black. I'm wearing Bikini now and it's an awesome Barbie pink shade with a cool blue-ish flash to it. Pink was the first color I wore on my nails after finally growing them out, and it's an amazing neon dark pink. For cremes I love: Folly (dark pink), Energetic Red (it's kind of a light bright corally red), Envy (looks like OPI Jade is the new Black), Olympia (pistachio green), Open Seas (light, slightly dusty green that leans a little blue), Savage (matte teal), and Amethyst (medium purple). For shimmers: Rich in Heart (vampy daaaark red shimmer), Sweet Dreams (light teal with kind of glass-fleck shimmer), Neptune (dark blue with silver glass fleck shimmer), and Zeus (blue/purple with fine pink/purple shimmer). For glitters: Call You Later (different sizes and shades of green and gold glitter), Nail Junkie (sheer teal base with tons of iridescent glitter in different sizes), and Pearl Harbor (cool toned iridescent glitter).

    Sorry, I know that's a ton, and I know a lot of them are hard to get, but Sinful has the BEST variety of colors. And during a $1 sale you should just grab everything you can afford. XD

  16. Yay, I just went through my drawers one more time and found Pandora and Last Chance, so I've got at least 70 Sinful polishes. :D

  17. Thank you so much! I've been meaning to add more Sinful Colors to my collection and really want to before anything bad happens!

    Timbleberry (NOT Thimbleberry), Ruby Ruby, Cream Pink, and Easy Going are great too!

  18. Glass Pink is one of my favorite layering polishes...of all time! So beautiful and brings out the warmer tones in the color below!

  19. Does anyone else think that savage may be a dupe for the new BB turquoise? Just putting it out there b/c I'm head over heels in LOVE with that polish but I cant bring myself to spend 18? (really BB?)on a single polish. Never have and never will so Ive been on the hunt lately for a dupe. What do you ladies think? By the way this will be my first time trying sinful polishes and I'm super excited, all the colors are beautiful!

  20. I don't have any of the Sinful Colors Nail polishes. All of your choices are nice. Your pictures always make your nails look very nice. I have nail peeling issues, so my end results after polishing never look this smooth. If you have any suggestions on helping with my problem I'd love to hear them.

    1. Hey C-K, I think this might be worth a go! Apply your base coat, and then one coat of your polish. After that dries, apply a mattifying top coat. Then apply your next coat and then your top coat. The matte top coat acts as a primer and helps to smooth everything out. You can find cheap mattifying coats everywhere. I have one from NYC that I think MIGHT have cost two dollars, if not less.

      This trick also helps for pastel or light colored nail polishes that can be a bit difficult to get smooth.

  21. Awesome post!! Thank you G. I am excited to hit up WG today. I did buy Winterberry and Leap Flog last week, because I was afraid they'd be sold out by today. I have several others of the ones you mentioned, including Cinderella, Mint Apple, and Glass Pink. Thank you for such great and timely list!

  22. Thank you for this great review!!! I have to check out Bare and All About You today!

  23. How does Leap Flog compare to Athens? They look pretty close in the pictures. I have never seen Bare at any of the 10 stores in my area that carry it. Looks good though. Also, if you can't find Mint Apple, Spoiled's Toad-ally Amazing is a perfect dupe.

    1. Bare was LE with a Valentine's Day collection (Heartbreakers) so you're not extremely likely to find it unless your store has a leftover floating around.

  24. So as I was reading I was wondering where Mint Apple was. Oh my gosh she's not going to include it! Woosh relief lol I do really like Hazard which is a permanent though!

  25. Mercury Rising is an awesome shimmery brown that will be great for fall. Off to hit the sale now!

  26. I love glass pink! When I do an Ombré nail style with a makeup sponge I use a thin coat of glass link to smooth it out. I also love to use it with a French manicure.

  27. Thank you for this post! My Sinful Colors collection is small, I needed an idea of which ones to pick up first.

    Loving the Mint Apple & Cinderella!

    I need a nude polish color, and Bare looks just right for it. :D

  28. For a while I was buying Sinful Colors but then I moved on to higher end brands... I think I need to go look at some of these polishes.

  29. My favorites: Serena&Chloe, Amethyst, Verbena, Last Chance, Exotic Green, Innocent, Happy Ending, Olympia. I think my favorite, at least for the name, is Nail Junkie.

  30. Great post! Ive said before, i have over 90 sinful polishes. Their formula And color variety are awesome. Throw in Price And how do you not own that many? Bc u arent nuts like me probably! My must list for starter collectors is similar to yours G. I love cinetella, glass pink, leap flog. Citrine is One Of the most perfect polishes i own (i own close to 400). Island Coral is awesome. I also love Daddys Girl, snow me white, firefly, nail junkie And soul mate. I would like to pick up Bare And Lavender this week!

  31. Back from the sale; my Walgreens is only a couple of blocks away. I got Dancing Nails, Ciao Bella, Rain Storm, Forget Now, and Fig. :-D

    My store had about six different displays of Sinful Colors at various places in the cosmetics section, so if you don't see the color(s) you want in one spot, keep looking! They had tons of the latest colors like Rain Storm, Leap Flog, Winterberry, etc.

  32. Thanks for the great post, G! Nobody, and I mean NOBODY can beat your terrific posts and blog in general! You are always so thorough and detailed and fun (!) in your writing! Thank you for this post in particular---it gives us long time followers more of a glimpse of YOU ;)

    I love your choices, and I would add Zeus, Neptune, Open Seas, Fig, and a few others I can't recall. And I agree on Cinderella and Winterberry!

  33. I just came back from Walgreens and I got the Glass Pink as per your recommendation. However, mine is showing its #376 and yours is #776. Is there a difference?

    Thanks, G!

  34. I'm addicted to this blog, especially the nail and lip posts! I just got back from Wags and came back with a baker's dozen of Sinful Colors. Twelve for me and one for my sister.

    None of them appear to be dupes of what I already have in my megastash, which is some sort of miracle.

    My bargain booty~ Cinderella (2), Winterberry, Glass Pink, Lavender, all from your list plus...

    Nirvana~ milk chocolate creme (looks very close to CG Ingrid, but no shimmer)

    Georgio ~ deep dark and vampy creme, more brown than Lincoln Park After Dark, looks like chocolate pudding in the bottle

    Slate~ shimmery slate gray

    Snow Me White

    Secret Admirer~ shimmering gunmetal/charcoal

    Cross My Heart~ hot spicy paprika, could be a dupe of OPI Cajun Shrimp

    Pinky Glitter~ Gah, pink and silver glitter in a sheer pink base!

    Rain Storm~ slightly grayed out blue

    Thanks for all the info and the swatches, G! If you want any swatches of the colors I listed, let me know and I'll get them to you.

    1. I have never seen a swatch of georgio, cld u show us what it looks like? Is it a LE?

  35. Snagged: ocean Side, Leap Flog (your swatch sold me!), Energetic Red, Rain Storm, Fig, Lavender, Blue By You, Unicorn. Also got the WnW mega last lip color/liner duo in Red Velvet, and Sally Hansen's insta-dri in In A Flurry from the Fall 2012 line (full price). Good haul I think!

  36. I just found your blog from a retweet on twitter and SC polishes are my favorite! I'm going to Walgreens to stock up if I can. That leap flog is gorgeous and I love the winterberry shade. Perfect for fall! Once I get on a computer, i'm following your blog! <3


  37. I own 98 Sinful Colors, but if I had to pick my top 10 it would be:

    1. Leap Flog
    2. Athens
    3. Forget Now
    4. Mint Apple
    5. Rich In Heart
    6. Matte Nirvana
    7. Rain Storm
    8. Paradise
    9. Lavender
    10.Sweet Dreams

  38. Ugh now I have to go by more nail polishes! Thanks G!!!

    How do you get your manicures look so good?

  39. Most everyone has mentioned my favorites already but I have to say that my absolute favorite of all time is Love Nails and right now the one I am in love with the most is Sweet Dreams. It's the most gorgeous summer blue with silver shimmer. I would suggest this one for everyone if you can find it. It came in the Sheer Shimmer display, which disappeared quick, unfortunately. I'm kicking myself for not buying the whole line.

    I just got back from Walgreens (was going to go tomorrow then panicked that everything would be sold out, yes, I'm a weirdo) and bought: Timbleberry, Slate, Leap Flog, Citrine, Ocean Side, Rain Storm, and Lavender. *Happy sigh*

    1. I love both of your favorites. I'm wearing Sweet Dreams right now and just picked up Love Nails today. After swatching it I was a tiny bit mad that I'd passed it over so many times. But it's mine now...mwahahaha. :)

  40. Sinful Color's "Folly" is REALLY CLOSE to Nars' "Anardana" from the Thakoon line. Folly leans a touch more red, but for a $17 savings, are we really going to quibble? Add it to your lists ladies!

  41. My haul: Kissy, Call You Later, Happy Ending, Blue By You, Slate, Ciao Bella, Zeus, Mint Apple (on your recommendation) Mercury Rising, Winterberry, Love Nails. Based on my swatches, it seems like the new color, Lavender, is the same base formula as Zeus, but without the purple flash.

  42. Ha - I have Mint Apple on my toes & Glass Pink on my fingers! Love them both! Thx for the sale heads up & reminders.

  43. I have been impatiently waiting for the SC sale to start today! Out of your list, I already had Forget Now, Citrine, Bare, and Cinderella. Today I picked up 2 Leap Flog, 2 Winterberry (I've been wanting this since your comparison post on it!), Mint Apple, Island Coral, Hazard, Nirvana, and Star Fish. Almost all of these have been because of your blog! Thank you so much, G! (And I'll probably go back again this week for more!)

  44. Love this post! I bought Forget Now during the last sale at Rite Aid after you swatched it and haven't worn it yet (wearing NYC Peach Sparkle now, also bought last week after you swatched it :P boy did those go FAST at the 2 Rite Aids here!!) but I do want to change the polish on my toes (which is actually Sinful Colors - Let Me Go)!

    I own a lot of SC polishes but never thought of a top 10. Off the top of my head some of my favorites are Bali Mist, Glass Pink, Sugar Sugar, Energetic Red, and Nail Junkie.

  45. My Sinful haul includes: Mint Apple, Cinderella, island coral, soul mate, and you just wait. I couldn't find Bare or Lavender, which were the two I was really looking forward to purchasing.

    1. So very thankful for this post! My hubby took me to the big city today where a Walgreens exist and I was able to get lots of Sinful colors! Thank you so much for informing me of this as well as to all the posts from everyone's list of fave colors! :)

    2. Bare was LE so you're unlikely to find it. Lavender is in this new(ish) display:

  46. Correct me if im wrong, but isnt Bare a LE? I think it came out in the valentines day collection. Also, after reading ur blog on all things sinful, i found a color i must have, but dont know anything about, if u can tell me what ever happened w Stella? Did they ever make it available everywhere else?

    1. Bare was definitely LE with the Heartbreakers collection. I wish I had purchased it before it sold out. Argh!

  47. Any suggestions on a jelly? I have been on a buying spree and the only type of polish I can justify buying at this point.

    I looked around today and only bought a backup of Frenzy.

  48. Thanks so much for this post. I went today and at the Walgreens sale got Mint Apple, Cinderella, Island Coral and All About You. I'm going to do a mani tonight with Island Coral (and I might get crazy and layer All About You over it).

  49. Great top 10 list! Dream On is my fave color and the first modern SC I bought, but it chips terribly bad for me so that ruins it a bit. Sugar Sugar is my favorite red, it's great for Christmas! I love all the neons for summer and then in the fall I like to bust out Secret Admirer(black w/silver shimmer) and Rich in Heart(deep vampy red). I picked up 17 SC today and now own the entire core collection, except for Tokyo Pearl(because it's so streaky in swatches I've seen). Now I'm thinking about going back and picking it up just 'cause lol

  50. I love Cinderella and Mint Apple; other favorites include the new Rain Storm, the bright blue/teal Savage, and Pandora which is dusty orange w. subtle shimmer and IMHO got undeservedly overlooked in the greek-god-named collection, it's really unique. Mint Apple is second, but my favorite Sinful polish of all time is the AMAZING medium purple creme Amethyst. You really should try it if you haven't yet.

    I'm *still* bummed that Stella never came to a drugstore near me!

    1. I agree! I was looking/wondering about stella too! *_* but i did find some LE along w core collection ones that i had been wanting: ocean side, blue by you, ciao bella, rain storm, leap flog, i miss u, dream on, winterberry, slate, nirvana, citrine, energetic red, mercury rising, outrages, and daredevil. Now that i write it, it seems like too many! O_O lol

    2. Stella was NEVER available at Walgreens, sadly. It only surfaced at Meijer (midwest chain). I'm still pining away for that darned polish! :(

  51. You really should add in the post that Bare was LE with the Heartbreakers collection-- there are so many comments from people wanting it and they almost certainly won't find it.

  52. I have All About You, Nail Junkie and Call You Later. They're my 3 favorites!

  53. I went yesterday and bought twenty yes twenty, thanks for the heads up and for all you do to keep us informed:-)

  54. G, by the way, I haven't seen you mention #1116, Morning Star. I got it a month or so ago from the Girls with Pearls display. It's a beautiful, light periwinkle. I think you would love it! It's in my top 10.

  55. I've never tried Sinful Colors before -- for some reason, but bought three today, including Winterberry, which looks like just the thing for me!

  56. I bought Winterberry because of you and i love it! What an awesome color. Thank you.

  57. I can't find bare anywhere. Was it limited edition?

    1. Yea I was told it was because I can't find it either. :(

  58. I just bough Island Coral and Lavender yesterday. I had no idea about the sale, so BONUS!! And now that I've seen some of your swatches I'll probably go snatch up Bare and let's be honest, probably some others. I mean, .99 cents? Come on!!

  59. Great post. Thanks! Problems I have are finding the colors. Most times I go to Walgreens they are sold out of the ones I want. :( Maybe one of these days I'll get lucky and find them.

  60. Has anyone found out more info on the who issue of them being discontinued? Anything offical from Revlon? Please keep us updated/posted. Please. I want to know if i need to get back ups O_O

  61. Thanks to this blog I stopped at Walgreens and got the following
    Glass Pink, Slate, Ocean Side, Oasis, Social Ladder, Fig, Nirvana
    It's easy when they are .99 cents

    At this Walgreens they had several displays on different shelves so look around,

    And the BOGO Loreal infallable with the Sunday paper $1 coupon!

  62. I just picked up 4 new colors with the 99 cent sale this week. I could not believe that my closest Walgreen had a huge display in time for the sale. I am going to go back for Lavender. The next closest Walgreen did not even have a litte counter display, just the picked over permanent display.

  63. Island coral and forget now were in the heartbreaker collection along with bare... I thought they were both LE along with bare but saw today that they actually have spots in the permanent display.

  64. I've just got to say, thank you for introducing me to Sinful Colors -- I have no idea why I'd never bought them before. I bought Cinderella, Winterberry and Mint Apple during the 99-cent sale and love them all. Especially the Mint Apple. My husband probably thought I was a nut showing him my green nails over and over, but oh well...

  65. Had to post my faves as well! I would have to say despite not wearing some of them yet:

    10. Fire Red-even though I tossed it not too long ago but I still loved it nevertheless!
    9. Slate
    8. Last Chance
    7. Key West-very old and got it on clearance at CVS!
    6. Sugar Sugar
    5. Kissy
    4. Amethyst
    3. Frenzy
    2. Surf N Blue-An old one from when I started using Sinful and still have it today!
    1. Midnight Blue: Reason being is that I lost it and found it again! I am so glad it came back and was able to get two bottles during the sale and it's also on my July favorites!

  66. OK; I don't mean to be a party pooper or grouch or anything, but if I'm being honest I have to admit that Mint Apple looked like a normal mint green on my nails- almost identical to NYC's Tudor City Teal. It was actually a little dull for me, and I saw no sparkle whatsoever- I'd really hoped I'd like it as much as you do, G, but no such luck.

  67. My fave is Sugar Sugar and it is a one coater! It is a gorgeous red with a slight shimmer. Absolutely stunning.

  68. I finally just got Daddy's Girl after all of these years of wanting it. It's beautiful after the the 3rd coat!


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