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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Spotted: Wet n Wild Limited Edition Wild Shine Go With The Flow-er collection

A HUGE thanks to my lovely reader Kim for this one! Kim spotted a brand new limited edition Wild Shine collection at her local CVS and was kind enough to share! Check it out:

 image credit: Kim for Nouveau Cheap

  image credit: Kim for Nouveau Cheap

It's hard to see, but this display says "go with the flow-er limited edition wild shine nail color".

(Click the image below for a much closer look)

 image credit: Kim for Nouveau Cheap

There are 8 shades in this collection. Kim doesn't remember them all, but she DID remember that one of these polishes has the name "Tulip-git to Quit".  How hilarious is that?? I don't even care what color it is, I want it just for the name! 

Have any of you spotted this new collection in your area yet? 

Thanks so much, Kim, for the great scoop!


  1. OMG! I hope Walgreens has them!!!

  2. doubt I'll ever find this one anywhere around here. I've still yet to see Bloom, Mermaids Cove or that Inked collection. Emailed WnW several times about it and when I finally got a reply they didn't seem to care. oh well

  3. Heather: I'll try to find out if this is exclusive to CVS or if there's a chance you can find it elsewhere. Thanks!

    Jen: I understand your frustration, believe me (I hear about it from other readers too). But I do want to make sure you know, in case you haven't seen my past blog posts about this, that WnW makes the LE collections available to ALL of their retailers (unless of course it's a collection that's exclusive to one particular retailer). So if the stores in your area don't carry the LE collections you want, it's because those particular stores did not choose to carry the collection. From what I've been told, it's actually out of WnW's hands at that point. So I think your best bet is to ask the manager of your particular store to start carrying these LE collections. Hope that helps!

  4. We should have some kind of swap with these limited editions, lol. I am so worried that I'm not going to be able to find the new Dreamweavers collection! The CVS that I found this collection still has traincases, a nail pail, and the entire Gilded Age collection just sitting there.

  5. We should have a Wet n Wild Limited Edition swap, lol. The CVS I found the nailpolish at fortunately has alot of the limited edition, but they are just sitting there. There's a whole display of the Gilded Age and still some train cases and a nail pail! I'm worried that if they aren't selling well, they won't get the Dreamweavers collection.

  6. If I can just add on to your comment, G. In retail, the retail store's buyers (in this case, it is Walgreens), purchase X amount of product from the sellers of WnW, not the manufacturers, the distributors. Then, the Walgreens' purchasing and sales teams will decide what stores/regions will get the products. It is true that WnW has no say, basically, on which stores get their products. Even if you ask the Store Manager, he/she has to send a message to the District Manager, who tells the Regional Manager, and up the ladder it goes to, hopefully, the ears of the department that decides who gets what product.

    With that said, I'm still waiting to find many of the collections by WnW.

  7. Kim! I am dying for the dream weavers too and I haven't seen em so far. If by chance you find them please let me know! I would be happy to pay you for them!!

  8. I guess I've been pretty lucky, y'all. I've got a Rite Aid that's been stocking the newer WNW collections. There are two other Walgreens AND another Rite Aid that are relatively near me in this city that haven't had a new collection in ages, though. I'll be looking for these this weekend!

  9. I am cracking up over the name tulip-git-to quit. Lol! Love it :)

  10. Amber- I will definately pick up extras if I find them. Please let me know if you do! :)

  11. Amber- I will definitely pick up extras if I ever find them. Let me know if you do!

  12. Any WnW deals or promotions coming up soon?

  13. Kim,

    I've been looking everywhere for the guilded age shadows!! Would you be willing to buy one and send it to me? I will send you $ for the shipping and shadow... :)

  14. I bought 4 of these when I saw them over the weekend. I bought:

    - Beat Around The Bush (medium pearly green)

    - Why Would I Lilac To You? (medium pearly purple - definitely not as light as a normal lilac)

    - Head In The Clouds (pale pearly green)

    - Ride The Marigold-Round (shimmery coral)

    I've worn two. Ride The Marigold-Round was fantastic, with good coverage and easy application. Unfortunately, it's a little warm for my (fair, pink) skintone.

    However, Head In The Clouds (which I thought was by far the prettiest color) was unwearable - a total disaster. Streaky, sheer, tons of drag, watery - ugh. I tried twice to start over with no luck - ended up giving up. And I really wanted it to work!

  15. wow, I need to check at my CVS ASAP!

  16. @ Domestic Diva- Sure thing. I'll pick it up today. If I get all the old Wet n Wild off the shelf.... Maybe they will get the Dreamweavers, lol. :)

  17. Yes, I've seen it since a couple of weeks ago, I bought the pale pink nail polish, the name of the shade is "in a healthy carnation-ship"

  18. Kim- Thank you!!!!! If possible, can you pick up 2 for me since WnW is BOGO 50% off at CVS right now? If not, it's totally ok. My email is csufgrad@gmail.con

    Thanks so much!!!


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