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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Sinful Colors Updates (Plus: Pics of the New Chalkboard Diaries Collection)

image credit: M. for Nouveau Cheap
NEW Sinful Colors Class Act Chalkboard Diaries Collection

So much to cover in this post so let me just jump right in!

First of all, Sinful Colors commented on my post the other day about the upcoming new collections and I want to make sure you know what they said...

Sinful Colors writes:
SinfulColors Neons are Exclusive to Walgreens July-August, we have etager, sidekick and counters… 
NEW SinfulShine 2-Step Manicure, Our favorite SinfulShine shades now as formula 2-step… launches next week, first @Walmart! Full Details on product and availability on as of Monday, 7/13. We are launching with previous favorites in our new line and will then flow in new shades as part of this 2-STEP Manicure launch! 
Chalkboard diaries is NOW available at Rite-Aid, K-Mart, Walgreens and other drug and mass retailers 
Hope this helps… and thanks for your post!

So that's the scoop on the Sinful Shines! It's a NEW 2-step formula with the original shades, but new shades will follow in the future. Check Walmart next week, with other retailers to follow.

I believe that etagere displays are the large, multi-shelf corner displays like THIS. I have also seen the New Neons in counter displays (the traditional displays we see all the time, like you'll see below), but as Sinful Colors indicates above, you might also see the New Neons in sidekick displays in your area, which I believe are the displays that look like THIS.

I also want to let you know that the Class Act collection features THREE sub-collections (click the links below for more info):
  • Play It Cool (THREE NEW SHADES: Burst of Fresh Flair, Summer S-cool, Rebel Rose)
  • All Nighter (FOUR NEW SHADES: Late Night Haute, Blue Sensation, Night Owl, Sinful Sunrise. NOTE: Night Owl and Sinful Sunrise are Walgreens-exclusives.)

Thanks to reader M. for kindly sharing the following photos of the Chalkboard Diaries collection, which is now popping up at Walgreens (but as Sinful Colors confirmed, this collection will also be available at Rite Aid, Kmart and other retailers):

image credit: M. for Nouveau Cheap
NEW Sinful Colors Class Act Chalkboard Diaries Collection
(retail: $1.99 each, 0.5 oz)

image credit: M. for Nouveau Cheap

There are six new, limited edition demi-matte shades in this display at two repromotes (Snow Me White and Black on Black are in this display, and those are permanent shades from the core line and NOT demi-mattes).

PLEASE NOTE: According to the Sinful Colors website, there are THREE additional new shades in the Chalkboard Diaries collection, and those shades are not in this counter display. I'm guess that these additional three shades will be in larger displays with ALL of the Class Act collections at some point. 

The three new limited edition demi-matte Walgreens-exclusive shades not featured in this counter display are:
  • Whiteboard
  • Blackboard
  • Pink Break

image credit: M. for Nouveau Cheap
A-Crush, VI-Peach
(new limited edition demi-matte finish shades)

image credit: M. for Nouveau Cheap
1534 Hazed, 1531 Chalk It Up
(new limited edition demi-matte finish shades)

image credit: M. for Nouveau Cheap
1532 RADiant, 1535 Truth or Lavendare
(new limited edition demi-matte finish shades)

image credit: M. for Nouveau Cheap
101 Snow Me White, 103 Black on Black
(repromotes from permanent line)

I hope this post helped clear up some questions for you, and (possibly) give you some new, fun polishes to be on the lookout for at your local drugstores these new few weeks!

Thanks again, M., for the great sighting and pics, and thanks to Sinful Colors for sharing these updates with us!


  1. I found all the limited edition demi-mattes (except for the three Walgreens exclusives) at Big Lots today! At my local one, they retailed for $1.95 each.

    1. Oh wow! That's awesome!! I haven't heard about such new collections surfacing there before. Usually just older ones! Thanks so much for letting us know!

      Hope you got your 20% off discount (if you purchased any!) :)

    2. My Big Lots have been very good about getting the new collections in lately... that was actually the only place I could find the Graffiti ones from Sinful. Thanks for the pictures and the links to the website, I didn't know they had the newer collections listed out like that!

  2. Thanks for the great pics and info. Looks like the All Nighter collection is right up my alley!

  3. My big lots had very old colours. I did get an elf shadow brush for less than .80

  4. Well, guess I jumped the gun bemoaning the lack of demi matte black and white!
    Now, to wait for the larger multi collection displays...

  5. Picked up five demi-mattes at Rite Aid today...LOVE!!!

  6. I bought three of the demi-mattes a few days ago (broke my no-buy pact). I tried RADiant on Wednesday and LOVED it! So much so that I bought three more today. The finish is so lovely. I'd love to see these become part of the permanent line.

  7. Oh, I also bought one of the 3D Glitters (Late Night Haute) that are a part of the All Nighter collection. It looks a bit like Green Ocean colorwise, but the glitter is different. Quite pretty, IMO. (Of course, if it's shiny/sparkly I know I'll love it.)

  8. A sighting update for the new SinfulColors.

    I spotted a hanging end cap display at both Target and Meijer. The one at Target was all Chalk Board Diaries and did contain Blackboard and Whiteboard. I don't remember if it had Pink Break though.

    The one at Meijer contained the three Walgreen's exclusive colors (Blackboard, Whiteboard, and Pink Break). It also had the three new colors from the Play it Cool collection, and the two non-exclusive glitters from the All Nighter collection.

  9. I'm pretty sure Prosecco is one of the "returning favorites" to the Sinful Shine line! I saw a picture of one being sold on ebay and it had a sticker on it that said "Step 1". The person is advertising it as an original HTF but it looks new to me!

  10. Our Walgreens has a neons display and I had to snag the orange one, Vivid a Try.

  11. I,Mario looking for RADiant and Truth or Lavendare. Still scoping out local Walgreens trying to find them.

  12. My Walgreens got in the (3) remaining demi-mattes.
    Not sure if this is the case at all Walgreens, but these didn't have the stickers on the cap like the other polishes...for once my compulsive straightening of polish displays seems to have paid off. ☺


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