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Friday, September 12, 2014

Spotted: NEW Milani Fall 2014 Limited Edition Bedazzled Collection for Eyes, Lips & Nails (with Swatches)

The new Milani Constellation Gel Eye Liners that I showed you yesterday are actually part of a larger limited edition collection called Bedazzled, which is now popping up at CVS stores across the country. Many thanks to reader Misti for sharing lots of beautiful pics of this collection, which she spotted at her local CVS this week. Take a look!

image credit: Misti for Nouveau Cheap
NEW Milani Fall 2014 Limited Edition Bedazzled Collection for Eyes, Lips & Nails

Milani shared sneak peeks on their Instagram a while back of both the liners and nail polishes in this collection, so I'm excited to see that both are finally here (plus some limited edition lipsticks!). This collection is broken up into three different looks: Bedazzled, Bewitched and Beloved.


image credit: Misti for Nouveau Cheap
Milani Constellation Gel Eye Liner in Enchanted Lapis

image credit: Misti for Nouveau Cheap
Milani Lipstick in Enchanted Topaz
Milani Color Statement Nail Lacquer in Enchanted Sapphire


image credit: Misti for Nouveau Cheap
Milani Constellation Gel Eye Liner in Enchanted Black Opal

image credit: Misti for Nouveau Cheap
Milani Lipstick in Enchanted Amethyst
Milani Color Statement Nail Lacquer in Enchanted Garnet


image credit: Misti for Nouveau Cheap
Milani Constellation Gel Eye Liner in Enchanted Emerald

image credit: Misti for Nouveau Cheap
Milani Lipstick in Enchanted Ruby
Milani Color Statement Nail Lacquer in Enchanted Emerald

We know that Milani is releasing new Matte Color Statement Lipsticks in 2015,  but I do NOT know, as of the time of this post, if these three shades are mattes as well. I will check with my contact at Milani and try to find out for you! Also, I do not know if everything in this collection is limited edition but again, I'll check with my contact and try to find out. I will update this post if/when I get more info.


My contact at Milani has just confirmed the following:

1) This collection will only be sold at Walgreens and CVS.

2) All of the products in this display are limited edition.

3) The lipsticks in this display all have a matte finish.


Thanks to two lovely readers, I now have swatches of the entire collection to share with you! First up, swatches of all three nail colors thanks to reader Kelly (@kelbelcosmetics on Instagram):

image credit: Kelly for Nouveau Cheap
Milani Fall 2014 Bedazzled Collection Color Statement Nail Colors
Enchanted Emerald, Enchanted Topaz, Enchanted Garnet
(retail: $3.99 each at Walgreens/Duane Reade)

And thanks to reader Emilie of Cogitation Project blog  for sharing these pics of the liners and lipsticks:

image credit: Emilie for Nouveau Cheap
Milani Fall 2014 Bedazzled Collection Constellation Gel Eyeliners
Enchanted Lapis, Enchanted Black Opal, Enchanted Emerald
(retail: $6.99 each at CVS)

image credit: Emilie for Nouveau Cheap
Milani Fall 2014 Bedazzled Collection Lipsticks
Enchanted Topaz, Enchanted Amethyst, Enchanted Ruby
(retail: $6.49 each at CVS)

If you would like to see Emilie's reviews of these products, be sure to check out her blog posts HERE and HERE for lots of additional pics and info. Also, don't forget that Enchanted Amethyst is a dupe for MAC RiRi Boy!

Have you spotted the new Bedazzled Collection from Milani in your area yet? Thoughts?

Thanks so much, Misti, Kelly and Emilie, for the sighting and beautiful pics!


  1. I haven't seen it in my area yet, but I am droooooooling over the liners, as you know. ;)

  2. Bah humbug! I can't get those here then :(

  3. I found a blog page that has swatches of all three gel liners if anyone wants to see what enchanting emerald looks like.

  4. Ooooo, I must find Enchanted Amethyst lippie and Enchanted Emerald gel liner! The EE np looks nice too,, but have to see it in person. *.*

  5. Arrggg. Why must these things not be available in Canada!?!?!? Makes me so sad, I really wanted to try out the liner. Great post though.

  6. I wonder how close Enchanted Topaz is to MAC's Enchanted One from the alluring aquatics collection?

  7. I am going to hopefully take a ride to the country. There is alone CVS that has Milani but not very often LE but I am going to hope to find Something!!! I really want a bunch of the new NP

  8. at my local walgreens the lipsticks were $4.19 and the gel eyeliners were $5.99. I almost got 2 of everything. i thought they were really cheap. Also the lady at walgreens told me that once they sell out thats it. i dont know if there is any truth to that, And i must get my hands on the emerald eyeliner.

  9. I found this display today at Walgreens in Southaven, Ms at Airways and Stateline. Well the nice man who works in the cosmitcs department stopped me and told me that he got in a new display that he thought I would like to look at, so he went to the back and got the box and opened it for me and I ended up getting the blue and teal liners and the Milani Lipstick in Enchanted Amethyst

  10. I just spotted these after walking to Walgreens with only a couple bucks in my pocket. Everything looks so gorgeous in the collection. The only thing I could pass on is the Amethyst lippie, but everything else is super tempting.

  11. Ooh can't wait to find these! Eyeing the black, green liners, emerald polish and Topaz lip color for sure. They know me at Wags by now heh, so I'll have to ask my cosmetics gal if she'll keep an eye out for me!

  12. I snagged the blue and the green CVS but the black was gone baby gone. I'm gonna try 2 more Wags and CVS before I let it go😊

  13. Enchanted Amethyst looks so nice! I like the color a lot, but I hope that purply shade will look wearable on me.

    The Topaz one is nice too, thanks for the info!

  14. I want these so bad. I went to 3 stores yesterday. I will have to drive to every store until I find these. I want the whole collection. I go crazy when there's LE stuff I want!

  15. I found them!! I also asked if they were get more & the woman who helped me said no (she's a makeup junkie) I picked up the eyeliner & lipsticks, only the polishes were left. I don't see myself wearing them but I just grabbed it. I'm selfish lol

  16. My walgreens lady said women have been hoarding them.

  17. Just found enchanted amethyst at my local walgreens! I was able to grab the last one! The retail was $4.19 for some reason. It was worth the trip out ( I never shop at Walgreens) because it is so pretty and extremely matte!

  18. This collection just arrived at kmart

  19. As of yesterday, the full collection was still available at my K-mart!

  20. I found this collection at my local kmart and it wasn't even on display. They had it shoved into these small clear bins in the jewelry dept like where they would put the little giftboxed costume jewelry smh I always check there because that's where I found some limited edition wet n wild polishes last year around this same time, it feels like my personal little secret stash spot lol but yes mine weren't even put into their system because when I scanned them, it said no item found. I got extremely lucky with a cashier who rang them up for 1.99 each and said happy holidays. I went back and bought every lipstick they had left and used points to pay for them so I got them all for no cash outta pocket! #winning

  21. This is Cute nail art designs , love the colour combination and they look great. Impressive as always! :)


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