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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Spotted: Maybelline Fashion Week Fall 2011 Limited Edition displays!

It's that time again, lovelies! If you're unfamiliar with Maybelline's limited edition Fashion Week collections, they always seem to cause a bit of a frenzy around here. They sometimes contain new, LE products that you can't get anywhere else, and they usually contain LE shades of existing products like lip color and nail polish. You can see the Fashion Week Fall 2010 collection here, and the Fashion Week Spring 2011 collection here.

My wonderful longtime reader beautifulmonday spotted the Maybelline limited edition Fashion Week Fall 2011 dipslays at her Bed, Bath & Beyond recently and was kind enough to share pics! As with previous Fashion Week collections, Maybelline has released two displays--one for LE makeup and nail color and another devoted solely to LE nail color. (There may be other displays floating around too--sometimes they release a display devoted solely to LE lipglosses.)

image credit for all of the following photos: beautifulmonday for Nouveau Cheap

(click any photo to enlarge)

 Maybelline Limited Edition Fashion Week Fall 2011 Collection


As you can see in the above picture, all of the products have the pink "Limited Edition" stickers on them, with the exception of the lipsticks (which may be limited edition shades--they probably are given that previous Fashion Week collections have contained LE lipstick shades).

The baked blushes look amazing, and I know many of you will be excited to see LE shades of Lasting Drama gel liners!

I love that wine-colored baked blush!

It looks like someone may have mistakenly put a Revlon Molten Metal eyeshadow duo in this display (upper right corner).

As with most LE collections from Maybelline, there's separate display of LE nail colors, making the total number of LE polish shades in this collection eight (two in the first display and six in this display):

Definitely enlarge the above pic for a better look at these colors. I'm VERY excited to see the shade in the upper right corner in person. It looks like it might be a midnight blue duochrome!

 Thanks SO much, beautifulmonday, for these awesome pics! 

Have any of you spotted or purchased anything from this collection yet? Are you excited about any products in particular?


  1. Looks like several of these polishes will be on my "must get" list!

    Maureen (@QponCutie)

  2. I'm so excited for the polishes!

  3. Yes, yes, YES! I haven't been able to find Maybelline Express Finish Nail Colors anywhere anymore and, when I do, they're on clearance, so I was afraid they were being discontinued. I couldn't get Maybelline to answer me, so I'm happy to see some new shades here. I will (most likely) be purchasing ALL of them. I particularly love Express Finish polishes for my toes, because they're so fast-dry it doesn't hold me up.

  4. Oooh, I hope this display shows up soon - I'll have to check my Rite Aid, they usually are good about getting the new fall displays up early. I perked up when I saw duochrome!

  5. Sorry I didn't give shade descriptions, especially on the polishes. I'm less of a nail girl so I forget to let you all know the deets! Btw the pale baked powder on the far right is a highlighter.

  6. Just saw this post and high-tailed it down to Rite Aid for the wine colored blush and the green gel eyeliner! :)

  7. I've never noticed my BBB carrying makeup. I will def be on the look out for this collection (:

  8. I just picked up the EYESTUDIO in Strut it Suede at my local Walgreens so it should be surfacing there soon. No polishes yet though, can't wait to find those!

  9. They look great, although none are calling my name. Yet. I fear that might happen if I see some swatches...

  10. I bought Cool Couture from this collection (which is they grey shade on the left). It has great flashes of blue in it. It was the standout from the collection, IMO!
    BTW - only some BBBs have Harmon (the makeup selection) in them. You can check BBB website to see if your store has the section!

  11. wooo hooo i cant wait to set my eyes on this! what to choose?

  12. So I just came back from Walgreens, and I'm happy to report, I found this! I bought the wine blush(805 Ravishing Rouge) and the lipstick in (970 Beige Bombshell). Haven't tried the blush yet but love the lipstick. It's a sheer, nude with gold undertones (:

  13. i also purchased Beige Bombshell.. i fell in love with the color almost immediately.. sadly, this is a completely different formula than the regular line, and i am not really used to it.. its really glossy/greasy on me. if this were in the regular formula, like the core line, i would have definately loved it.. might work for anyone but me.

  14. I'm excited about the EyeStudio Gel Liners! I currently own Blackest Black & it's the best drugstore gel/cream liner I've ever used. Much better than L'Oreal's HIP Cream Liners & almost half the price.

    Oh btw, what are the limited edition shades? Only one I can read is "Forest"

    --- Nicole

  15. I saw this in Ulta the other day and didn't even look at it. Sometimes I don't know what I'm thinking when I go shopping and forget things. The Designer Pink Lipstick and Pressworthy Pink blush are featured in the new Allure magazine.

  16. I been buying what I can get my hands on on this collection only missing a few pieces of it and I have to tell you everything I used now using allot of is the BOMB, now usually you dont l ike everything in a whole collection but Maybelline Rocks any but they Rocked this casue every skin tone and age group can use it so versatile..

  17. @Saucy F Baby - the other creme liner in the display with Forest is Sapphire.

    I picked up the Pressworthy Pink blush and it's lovely, nice and pigmented, no major glitter but a lovely sheen. I actually passed on the highlighter due to the amount of silver shimmer (too cool for me but would probably be gorge on you cooler-toned ladies). Passed on the mauve lippie for same reason, it wa more purple IRL than I expected. Might go back for Sapphire though with the coupon, since I have Forest :)


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